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18 -25?  It’s Your Future you are Shaping!


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The ages of 18-25 are a key stage in your life.

It is the time you shape who you really are.  It is the time when you have to start taking responsibility for your further education, career and adult life but in reality you just want have fun.



Are you pondering the big questions in life such as 'What Next?'

How does sailing, diving, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, adventures, overcoming challenges, meeting new friends, beach and toga parties and having the time of your life sound to you? All whilst learning about taking on responsibilities and increasing your future career prospects and opportunities!


Answer: Quaystage's Sail Camp or Dive Camp  Adventure!

Yes, we are being serious. A Quaystage Training Adventure can really help influence your future prospects and give you a Gap year or holiday experience with memories to last a lifetime.


"You get educated by traveling."

Solange Knowles

Join us now -The fun path towards your future starts here

A Sail Camp an or Dive Camp Adventure with Quaystage Training will:

  • Enhance your CV

  • Improve your University or further education applications

  • Make yourself stand out from your peers

  • Learn transferable skills that will increase your employability.


Just like life, you get out what you put in!

Make the effort for yourself and you will learn and gain:

  • Teamwork Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Community Service Experience 

  • Increased confidence levels

  • Develop a mature attitude and aptitude towards facing challenges and tasks

  • Enhance your future job prospects

Sailing (6) Freindships form Galley Team Rope Bridge Adventure

Create memories that will inspire your future

In addition to this, and most importantly of all, you will gain an experience that lasts a life time, and make friends who will share that journey with you.

You will also be enrolled on to a programme that helps you realise your potential and provide you with training that creates your future.


Which Adventure do I choose?

See our destinations  or contact us for more information. 

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