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Itineraries may change.........

Please be aware that all voyage itineraries can change without notice, Owing to the nature of the weather and wind. A change in weather or operational reasons can mean we are unable to visit a port as planned or that time ashore is lengthened or shortened.

Working With Schools

Sail Camp - School Groups


Quaystage Training's youth programmes, Sail Camp and Dive Camp, are youth adventures designed to excite and engage, stretch and challenge.

They also enable young people to develop new skills which will open doors in their future. They are not just amazing holidays but developmental journeys that start long before a young person steps aboard their vessel when they join their chosen programme.

Teachers and parents tell us their pupils and children "came back as adults" or that "they learned the true meaning of teamwork" on board.

sail camp - influencing the futureSupport for the organiser

We know much work is involved in organising school expedition. At Quaystage Training are committed to making memories which will last for a lifetime without placing a burden on busy teachers.  

All we ask is for a contact teacher from your school willing to act as a focal point for the school and for booking rooms, e.g. for assemblies and parent meetings.  She/he will then be supported by our Quaystage Liaison Officer who will provide all the support needed include providing risk assements, letters to partents and collecting funds.  


Sail Camp - growing togetherRecruitment of students

Recruitment for students will usually take place at least 2-3 months before the start of each voyage. 

This allows a reasonable period for fundraising to be undertaken before the voyage and also allows the Quaystage Liaison Officer to establish contact and start working with the young people to develop expected outcomes for their own personalised development programme which will reward them for their efforts.

Personal Development Programme 

This development programme will comprise a number of elements, including fundraising, seamanship, leadership and post voyage elements. All these elements are designed to help the young person enhance their experience on board the vessel and apply their new skills to their ongoing personal development.

Packages will be designed for school groups: Key Stages 3/4 ages 12-18, young people 15-25 and places available for school staff up to the age of 80. 

Adult staff on voyages help to create the learning experience for young people, linking generations and encouraging mutual respect between the generation gap. For many it will be the first adult they have spoken to that is not their class teacher, parents or social worker.


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