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About Us

Quaystage Training offers you a chance to challenge, stretch and develop yourself in an environment unlike any other, providing water based activity and skill development programmes for young people and teens ranging from 2-14 nights and including 1-3 month classroom and gap year experiences delivered during Summer and Winter vacations and during school terms as an experiential learning platform. 


training creates futures


Our mission 

Our mission is to inspire self-confidence and develop personal growth in young people. Our programmes aim to instil leadership skills and develop individuals through high quality activity based sailing and diving adventures. Our programmes and staff empower students to work as a team to take on the responsibilities of life on board yachts and large sailing vessel.

Our programmes

We offer a number of different programmes, throughout the year and school holiday periods.

Our fleet sizes range from 1-6 vessels (accommodating from 6 to 80 students and staff).

We sail amongst the British Isles on the South Coast and in Scotland.  We also provide trips in the Greek Islands and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean

We also offer adventures on classic sail training vessels. 

The majority of our students are aged between 14 and 18. There are also  programmes available for college students and young adults aged between 18-25 years. 


Who are we?

We are a team of like minded people, passionate about working with young people, we share a love for the sea and the natural environment that surrounds it. We come from different backgrounds - Skippers, Diving Instructors, Marine Biologists, Educators, and Activity Instructors. We live for the personal journey that a collective experience working as a team can bring us.

We are here to teach, discover and evolve. That is why we have chosen to work in experiential education over a normal 9-to-5 desk job.

Explore, sail and dive, discover new Quaystage Adventures

Ben Swain (an adaption of a famous Mark Twain quote)

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