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About Us

Our Youth Sailing adventures and Teen Summer Sail Camps, offer young people and teens the chance to challenge, stretch and develop themselves in an environment unlike any other. 

We provide water based activity and skill development programmes for young people and teens ranging from 2-14 days in exciting locations, (including a 6 month classroom and gap year experiences) around the UK and further afield. 

Programmes  delivered during Summer and Winter vacations and during school terms for school groups as an unique experiential learning platform. 


training creates futures


Our mission 

Our mission is to inspire self-confidence and develop personal growth in young people.

Our programmes aim to instil leadership skills and develop individuals through high quality activity based sailing and diving adventures. Our programmes and staff empower students to work as a team to take on the responsibilities of life on board yachts and large sailing vessel.

We Provide Water based Outdoor Adventure and Education for Teens and Young People.

Quaystage Training provides schools, colleges and other educational establishments outdoor education opportunities and "active classroom experiences" for young people from Keystage 3 and 4 (and above) ages groups.  

Sail Camp is a water-based, teen summer camps and holiday adventure for teenagers and young people between the ages of 12-17 and 17 - 25 years.

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​ Teen and Youth Adventures

Quaystage Training's Youth Adventures provide a platform for personal development and achievement, on land and water on board yachts, and tall ships.

School and Educational Experiences

Take your classroom or school outside and on the water for a totally different education experience. 


The Quaystage Training Journey

Experiential education and outdoor learning are becoming increasingly important in the development of the lives of young people.

Our courses and training programmes are designed to provide young people with the skills to influence the outcome of the journey towards their adult lives, by providing them with learning and adventure experiences that will teach, guide and coach them at a key stage of their development as a young person. 

Participants are encouraged to put in lots of effort to help themselves and as such the process and outcomes of Quaystage's adventure and training courses are as follows:

Personal Development through Quaystage Training's  Adventure Programmes

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strapline - training creates futures

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