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The Conferences

7072514-group-of-happy-young-people-isolatedOur skills conferences are promoted within Universities and Sixth Form school and college establishments. 

The concept for this is that 25 to 100 students can attend a business based skill learning conference and meet employees offering work based training apprenticeships and graduate schemes.

Keynote speakers from industry

Regional and national graduate recruiters will be represented at this event, which will supply Keynote Speakers and a current graduate who will act as a team adviser to one of the teams of young people at the conference. 

The Keynote Speakers will deliver a seminar on a key business skill such as; developing an idea, presentation skills, leadership, marketing and product management.  

After the conference the participants will work in teams to complete tasks which embrace the skills they have learnt about in the keynote session.

Teamwork and leadership

The Team Adviser is responsible for guiding their team at the conference through a number of business skill based tasks which are designed to develop the skill of the keynote speech,  i.e. project management and planning, presentation skills, marketing awareness and negotiation skills, in an activity session within groups. 

The Team Adviser is the facilitator for the team offering guidance and leadership where required.  

For participants these workshops encourage the use of new skills learnt and also continue to develop teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills.

Conference structure

The conference will last three days with overnight accommodation provided.  Training sessions and keynote presentations will take place throughout days 1 and 2 concluding with a conference dinner.

Departure will be the following morning after prize giving.

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