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Creating Futures Programmes


Creating Young Professionals 

It is our aim at Quaystage Training to work with young people at every stage of their development. 

The learning and return on investment that is gained from one of our adventure training experiences is only possible through ensuring that we follow up and enhance the experience, ensuring that the young people realise the developments they have achieved and that they know how to put the new skills that they have obtained to good use.

Quaystage Training is  provides a follow up service and guidance to ensure that the young person truly does create a new future for themselves after an adventurous experience.

Programmes such as our 'Fast-track to Sailing and Diving Professional' courses and Intersnships offer a comprehensive training programme for those wishing to increase their skills or perhaps seek a career in the Marine Leisure Industry.

Learn about our Fast-track to Professional Courses 


Helping them to help


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Find out why we work with young people ?

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