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Duke of Edinburgh Award at Quaystage Training


Sail with us as part of your Expedition

With Quaystage Training you can gain a credit Expedition section of the Silver and Gold Awards on board our boats. Throughout the season we run a limited number of voyages especially for groups or individual young people wishing to sail as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

These expeditions are classed as "Other Adventurous Projects" within the scheme and involve a considerable amount of preparation time before the expedition voyage, to ensure that the group is taking an active a part as possible in the running of the boat.

This preparation time involves theory sessions, expedition planning and both an induction voyage and a practice expedition.

The benefits

When a young person works on their DofE programme they'll develop the skills and attitudes they need to become rounded, confident adults. These are qualities that colleges, universities and employers are attracted to. So when you put your backing behind a young person's pursuit of a Duke of Edinburgh Award, you’re investing in valuable skills. You are setting the tone for a lifetime of achievement!

You'll see all kinds of new talents bloom in your child as they achieve their Award including:

  •     Self-belief and self-confidence
  •     A sense of identity
  •     Initiative
  •     A sense of responsibility
  •     A real awareness of their strengths
  •     New talents and abilities
  •     The ability to plan and use time
  •     The ability to learn from and give to others in the community
  •     New friendships
  •     Problem solving, presentation and communication skills
  •     Leadership and team-working skills

At Quaystage Training we are able to provide Duke of Edinburgh Award groups and individual participants the opportunity to undertake challenging sailing expeditions in the UK and overseas.

A 5 or 7 day (or longer) voyage with us - qualifies for the residential section of the DofE Award

Please let us know on booking if you would like to use your voyage towards your Award.

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SAIL CAMP qualifies for Gold Residential

Our Sail Camp programmes are particularly suited to meet the requirements of the Gold Residential section of the award as you will be spending up to 14+ days living on a yacht as a member of its crew.

Find out more

If you are looking for a DofE Sailing Expedition or Gold DofE Sailing related Residential then contact us for a chat.  Make your Silver or Gold DofE experience even better!  Sail with us!

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