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Diving Qualifications

Dive Camp will offer various diving courses from beginner to professional level training on board the yachts that provide the accommodation, classroom and equipment for the duration of the programme. All diving courses are from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) syllabus and are performance based, not time based, meaning a student is coached until mastery is achieved.

  • Open Water - The PADI Open Water Diver course is where all great divers begin and is by far the world's most popular scuba certification. Millions of people have started diving as certified PADI Open Water Divers. The PADI Open Water Diver Course provides the knowledge development that you will need and you develop the remaining in-water skills by diving with your PADI instructors right off your own sailing yacht!
  • Advanced Open Water - The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course is the next step up from Open Water. It helps you increase your confidence and builds your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. This is a great way to get more dives under your belt while building on what you've already learned, developing new capabilities by introducing you to new activities and new ways to have fun with scuba diving.
  • Rescue Diver - The course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to prevent, and if necessary, manage dive emergencies. The course broadens a diver's awareness and improves their skills and confidence. Most certified PADI Rescue Divers look back on their rescue training as one of the most challenging - sometimes demanding - and therefore most rewarding courses they've taken. The subject is serious but the training is fun.
  • Emergency First Response (First Aid and CPR) - Take a step toward emergency preparedness and meet PADI Rescue Diver prerequisites with Emergency First Response. As one of the foremost international CPR and first aid training companies, Emergency First Response gives you the confidence to respond to medical emergencies - not just in the diving world but in your everyday world with your family, friends and neighbours too.
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider - Learn how to be prepared if the unthinkable did occur. Identify oxygen treatable scenarios, assemble and provide potentially life saving aid, open not just to divers but to non divers as well.
  • Master SCUBA Diver - The PADI MSD rating puts you in a class of distinction,­ writing your ticket to endless adventure and opportunities through the experience and scuba training that sets you apart from other divers. With 50 dives, rescue and 5 specialities under your belt you have gained the highest non-professional dive rating out there! 
  • Divemaster - Looking for the first step in working with scuba as a career? Your adventure into the professional levels of recreational scuba diving begins with the PADI Divemaster programme. Working closely with a PADI instructor, in this programme you expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills to the professional level. PADI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. PADI Divemaster is the prerequisite certification for both the PADI Assistant Instructor and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications.
  • Night Diver Speciality - As the sun sets, you'll don your dive gear, slip on your scuba mask and introduce yourself to the whole new cast of critters that come out after the sun goes down. A deep breath and you step off the boat­ into the underwater night. Although you've seen this reef many times before, this time you drop into a whole new world and watch it come to life under the glow of your dive light.
  • Project AWARE Fish ID Speciality - Have you ever been scuba diving and asked yourself, "What was that?” The PADI Project AWARE Fish Identification Speciality course provides you with the fish identification basics so that next time, you know the answer.
  • Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Speciality - The AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Speciality course is designed to inform you about the world’s coral reefs. As a scuba diver, the health of aquatic eco-systems is often what makes a good dive. Become aware of the fragility of coral reefs and how you can help preserve them.
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality - Divers who’ve mastered the highest performance levels in buoyancy stand apart. They glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover, almost as if by thought. They interact gently with aquatic life and affect their surroundings minimally. The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course refines the basic skills you learned as a PADI Open Water Diver and elevates them to the next level.
  • Search and Recovery Speciality - Everyone has lost something overboard at some point! So whether you are retrieving a bucket or looking for lost treasure the PADI Search and Recovery Diver Speciality course will teach you effective ways to find objects underwater and bring them to the surface. Small, large or just awkward, there is a way to bring them up.
  • Underwater Digital Photography Speciality - Underwater photography is one of the most popular diving specialities and the rise of digital underwater photography has made it easier and more fun than ever. The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course gets you going quickly with modern digital equipment, whether you use a point-and-shoot camera or a sophisticated D-SLR like the pros.
  • Underwater Naturalist Speciality - Look closer to see more on your next dive. Look for symbioses, predator/prey and other relationships between aquatic plant and animal life. Learn not just what fish and animals are but how they interact with each other and the environment.
  • Wreck Speciality - Whether sunk on purpose as an artificial reef or the result of mishap, wrecks open fascinating windows to the past. Most divers find wrecked ships, airplanes and even automobiles nearly irresistible because they're intriguing to explore, exciting avenues of discovery and are usually teeming with aquatic life. The PADI Wreck Diver course teaches you the ins and outs of rewarding, responsible wreck diving.

Further speciality courses can be taught upon request.

During our UK, Mediterranean and Caribbean programmes Dive Camp provides all scuba gear necessary for the courses. This includes mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, tank, regulator and wetsuit if needed. 

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