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Information for Parents and Guardians

Quaystage Training Ltd, through the Sail Camp and Dive Camp Adventure Training Holidays, aspires to deliver an experience that will enable young people to:

  • develop as a person
  • learn and develop new skills
  • participate in an opportunity that will make a lasting impression
  • build friendships to last a lifetime

Quaystage Training Ltd specialises in the enhancement and the development of young people's lives through their adventure holiday experiences during Sail Camp and Dive Camp.

What is important for us when selecting an adventure for young people?

  • The safety of the young people 
  • To give young people an outstanding experience
  • The lasting impact that our adventures can have
  • The development of skills and experiences that stay with the young person throughout school, college, university and most importantly, throughout their lives.

At Quaystage and Sail Camp we understand that parents, guardians and teachers want the children within their care to develop into independent young people, capable of making positive choices that enable them to maximise their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and reach their full potential.

YP on the Rail Divers (7) Galley Sailing (1)

Investing in a young person's  future

Consider the cost of these adventures as an investment in your child’s future. Recent results from surveys about sail training are compelling and are a true testament to the value of our programmes.

Sail Camp and Dive Camp programmes are more than voyages with instruction in sailing and diving; they are a total educational experience.

More information for parents

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