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Our Fast-track Programme

Our Fast-track Sailing and Diving courses offer a comprehensive training programme for those wishing to increase their skills or perhaps seek a career in the Marine Leisure Industry. Quaystage Training is unique in that we are able to offer a combined course across the two disciplines of sailing and diving.

Fast-track courses are designed for students who need:

  • Professional Qualifications for a career in the leisure industry
  • Students making a career change
  • Gap year students wanting water sports qualifications to travel the world with
  • People who want 'Time Out' to experience a different way of life

Our range of Fast-track courses can be taken individually, or you can amalgamate courses from different modules to meet the skills that you require.

 Internships for Young People

We offer 6 month and 12 month Internship programmes designed to give you the qualifications and experience needed for a new career.

  • Learn to sail or dive
  • Learn business skills
  • Hands on maintenance skills

After the internship you could be fully qualified in two in-demand industry disciplines.

Choose from the following list of Fast-track options:


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