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An Exciting  Platform for Learning

Sail Camp and Dive Camp aim to provide a platform for young people to challenge, stretch and develop themselves in a safe environment. We provide water-based activity and skill-development residential adventure holiday programmes of between 5 and 20 days. 

Our Yacht flotilla and Tall Ship based adventures provide a young person with the opportunity to broaden their horizons, discover their potential and learn about the environment around us.

Educational experience

Full encouragement will be given to young people to engage in learning about their natural environment. Subjects such as marine biology, the sciences and geography are among the many that can be delivered on board.

  • As part of mixed gender teams of 8-28 young people, a young person will enjoy the unique hands on experience of crewing and living on board our sailing vessels
  • Whilst on board young people learn and establish understanding of community and friendship

Young people find themselves In an non-contrived environment which encourages:

  • Teamwork
  • Development of social skills
  • Increased self-belief and awareness.

PADI Mapping Galley Team Group YP 2 wanderung teide 123

A week with Ben Swain and the team made my teenager liveable with 

Mrs Tennat, Weymouth

Voyage Outcomes

By participating in SAIL or DIVE CAMP, a young person will not just have the time of their life whilst having fun and making friends which will last a lifetime, but also gain newly discovered life skills and a huge sense of achievement. 

They will :

  • grow in confidence
  • gain self-discipline and self-awareness
  • develop their leadership and communication skills.

Enhance CV and future employment

At the same time young people will be able to gain qualifications and certificates which support vocational and extra-curriculum learning, enhancing their CV and ultimate employability.

SAIL CAMP and DIVE CAMP aim to provide a platform for young people to challenge, stretch and develop themselves in a safe environment, by providing water-based activity and skill development residential adventure holiday programmes of 5 to 90 days.

Find out more about Quaystage Training's - Sail Camps and Dive Camps        .

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