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Tall Ship Activity Adventures 

Sail a tall ship, be part of the crew on board, have an experience like none before it. Join us on board a traditional sailing vessel for a Tall Ship Adventure voyage.  

Last few places still available for Falmouth - Greenwhich Regatta - Find out more


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The Voyages

What we offer is a voyage of adventure!

  • It takes place on a traditional, square-rigged sailing vessel of great character
  • In a wild and remote area
  • You will be part of a crew of up to twelve with a Skipper, Mate and Bosun to guide you as you learn to sail the ship
  • Explore the places you visit by walking the towns, hills and valleys
  • Investigate the bays and creeks by canoe

Making a journey of exploration

On board for 6-12 nights you will:

  • Learn to work the vessel, steer, raise sail, climb the mast
  • Learn to tie knots and splice ropes, navigate, cook
  • Experience the wild world at hours determined by the tides rather than the clock or the TV 
  • Spend nights at anchor in remote bays, immersed in natural surroundings 
  • Share tales of your own adventures and those of the explorers of the past with new friends
  • On the morning tide you will haul up the anchor and continue the voyage.

There will be times of intense activity as we tack the vessel against the wind, working closely as a team to manage ten or more sails at the same time. There will also be times of relaxation, times of laughter, and time to talk over good food cooked for each other.



Sail Camps- Lady A Landscape Sunset over the water Groups of Dolphins


Sail in stunning locations

There will also be many opportunities for reflection and to spend time alone as you visit the beauty that our destinations have to offer. Destinations include:

  • Scottish Isles 
  • Irish Sea 
  • Jurassic Coast of Southern England 
  • The Fjords of Norway

A shared voyage of adventure

Groups and Schools

Join us as a group of 12 people or a school class. Bond as a team and learn together away from the pressures and distractions of everyday work schedules and lesson timetables.

Family adventures, teenager and parents

Join as a family to find opportunities to really give attention to each other as individuals.  At home there is a lot going on, other relationships to think about and sometimes an element of competition with other siblings.  

One to one time between a teen and a parent, away from the rest of the family, is a rare and special pleasure and it is all too easy to let a whole year go by without making time for this.

Just imagine the fun of a whole week devoted to exploring a fantastic wild environment in the company of that particular person? Not just a holiday but a voyage on a tall ship crewed by people with similar aims and under the guidance of experienced professional sailors, adventurers and facilitators.

See our Tall Ships Activity Programme or contact us directly to arrange a trip for your group, school, or family group.

See Our Programme   More dates to be added soon ! 

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Are you a teacher or a youth leader ?

We provide help and support to organise your trip.  See our information for teachers pages

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