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navigate towards adventure 

  • Learn to sail
  • Learn to dive*
  • Learn about marine biology
  • Have beach BBQ's  
  • Take part in water and land excursions
  • Experience new places - perhaps new culture and new countries*
  • Meet new friends to last a lifetime 

No sailing or diving experience necessary

The Experience of a Lifetime  -  Sail Camp and Dive Camp is open to everyone

 Our Programmes are split into three main age categories

  • 14-18 years - Teen Sail Camps
  • 18-25 years - Youth Sailing Adventures

No previous experience in sailing or diving is needed for the majority of our adventures.

The thrill of sailing, scuba diving and discovering new destinations such as the coast of Jurassic Southern England and Northern France, the beauty of Scotland, Croatia, the Greek Islands, the Canaries and the mystery of the Caribbean is as accessible to beginners as it is to the most seasoned sailor or diver!

discover the secrets of planet earth

Explore new places 

Sail Camp delivers a fast-paced adventure for every age group and experience level.

You could be :

  • Sailing to new places
  • Diving on coral reefs*
  • Climbing volcanoes*
  • Treking through rain forest jungles*
  • Night sailing under a blanket of stars ​
  • Experiencing sights beyond your imagination and gain new skills beyond your expectations.
  • Create memories that you will never forget.


Learn new skills

  • Team work
  • Leadership
  • Project skills

Get up close & personal with the planet

  • Learn about marine biology
  • Investigate fragile eco-systems
  • Experience living geography

Explore Exciting Destinations Where Sail Camp taking you

Destinations include:

  • South Coast and Northern Europe 
  • North West Scotland
  • Caribbean 
  • Greek Islands 

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* Activities listed are subject to destination and availability

Anyone can go on an expeditions ­ That’s the joy really- its life changing experience that’s there if you want it. The world awaits

Monty Hall (TV Presenter and Adventurer)


 Sail Camps Adventures

Adventure Sailing weeks for teenagers and young people  14-18 years and 18- 25.

Destinations include the UK, Europe, Carribean and Asia.  

Join the Teen Summer Sail Camp Yachts Fortilia and have the summer vacation of a lifetime!

  • Sail Camps can qualify for expedition and residential elements of you DofE Award 

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    Dive Camps Expeditions

    Did you know !   Scientists have explored only 1% of the ocean depths.

    On one of Sail Camps' "Dive Camps" you can explore below the water.

    Dive Camps are Teen Sailing Adventure weeks for teenagers and young people  14-18 years and 18- 25 in the Caribbean and Asia.  where the expedition and training is specifically geared toward scuba diving. 

    Find out more - Dive Camp

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    The ultimate  expedition for teens and young people

    • Have the adventure of lifetime with new friends that last a lifetime.
    • Adventure in the UK, Europe, Caribbean and Thailand.

    Explore by Land & Sea

    Sail and Dive Camps  combine sailing and adventure with expeditions both offshore and onshore.

    Offshore (at sea) you will be part of the crew on board the vessel getting involved in every aspect of sailing the vessel itself.

    • Navigating
    • Setting sails
    • Steering
    • Keeping watch and other team activities.
    • PADI dive training on selected adventures 
    • RYA Sail Training 

    Onshore you will undertake such activities as:

    • Marine biology*
    • Canoeing / Paddle Boarding*
    • Orienteering*
    • Coasting*
    • Engaging with the local community*

    Sail Camp - Join Us Relax

    Over 25 ?

    Why should teenagers have all the fun. Our adult voyages allow us to continue to work with young people. 

    Sail Camp - If I can you can

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