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Conditions of Booking

  • 1. Booking Conditions

No Booking will be final until the booking form has been completed and received by Quaystage Training Ltd, with payment in full or a 25% Deposit.  Provisional bookings will be held for a maximum of 48 Hours.

  • 2. Payment of Voyage and Event Fees -

All payments are due within six weeks of the commencement date of the voyage or event.  In the event of final payment arriving late, Quaystage Training Ltd reserves the right to accept a booking form from the stand by list.  In this case, all payments accept the initial deposit will be refunded.

  • 3. Cancellation ­

In the event of cancellation more than six weeks before the commencement date of the voyage or event, any amounts paid, except the initial deposit, will be refunded.

No amounts will be refunded in the event of the cancellation fewer than six weeks before the commencement date of the voyage or event.

  • 4. Amendments to Booking ­

Any alterations to a booking must be made to the Main office and confirmed in writing. If acceptable by the office, it will be actioned once written confirmation has been received.  An administration charge of £15 will be charged for any changes to the original booking. 

Date changes will only be acceptable if written confirmation is received by the office more than six weeks prior to the commencement of the voyage or event.  Within six weeks of the commencement date if the voyage or event any change will be considered a cancellation of the dates and cancellation charges will apply.

  • 5. Safety ­

Sailing and Diving are dangerous sports.  In the interest of safety, Quaystage Training Ltd representatives have complete discretion over boating activities, taking into account weather conditions and his / her assessment of the client’s ability.

  • 6. Insurance ­

All Quaystage Training Ltd Staff are insured against accident and third party liability.  The Quaystage Training Ltd insurance does not cover any personal insurance for anyone taking part on a voyage or event. 

Quaystage Training Ltd does not offer any personal insurance against injury, accident or loss while participating in a voyage or event.  Personal insurance is the responsibility of the client. 

Quaystage Training Ltd accepts no responsibility for any injury, accident, damage, or loss of client’s property or person.

  • 7. Client Insurance:

We strongly recommend that clients have their own insurance to cover themselves and their personal effects whilst undertaking the course.  As sailing and diving are considered a dangerous sports you must ensure you have insurance that covers you for these activities.

  • 8. Liability ­

All persons participating in a Quaystage Training Ltd voyage or event or waterbased activity must be able to swim 50 metres.  Any participant unable to swim 50 metres must agree to wear a life jacket on deck or in a dingy. 

Quaystage Training Ltd does not accept liability for personal injury, to or the death of any participant, however caused, nor for any loss or damage resulting therefrom, unless caused by proven negligence of Quaystage Training Ltd.

Quaystage Training Ltd does not accept responsibility for any Property accompanying any participant. 

Quaystage Training Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any curtailment or cancellation due to weather, strikes, riots, wars or any other causes outside the control of the company.  Personal Safety and personal property are the responsibility of each participant; all of the above must be covered by the insurance of the participants directly. 

  • 9. Variations of Conditions ­

No variations of the conditions of booking, or otherwise in the terms of which a voyage or event is booked, and no promise to refund any amounts paid to Quaystage Training Ltd shall be valid unless in writing, and signed by one of the directors of Quaystage Training LtdSailing.

  • 10. Alterations ­

All details in the literature supplied by Quaystage Training Ltd is given in good faith, but we reserve the right to provide alternative comparable arrangements if for any reason we decide such alterations are necessary.  Quaystage Training Ltd reserves the right in the unlikely event of a yacht not being available because of severe damage (e.g. dismasting), Quaystage Training Ltd reveres the right to substitute a similar boat, rearrange dates or cancel.  In the event of cancellation each participant will be offered a full refund or a credit of the amount paid toward a voyage or event. Quaystage Training Ltd liability will limited to the costs of the course only.

  • 11. Suggestions for Improvements or Complaints. ­

Quaystage Training Ltd aims to provide the best voyages, events and service.  We are dedicated to ensuring that you have enjoyed your experience on the water.  Suggestions for improvement help us understand your view of how a voyage or event was implemented and help us improve.  We ask every participant to fill in a Feedback Form at the end of a voyage or event for that purpose.  Letters and emails are also welcome (including letters of praise !!).

If you should have a problem or complaint, it is important, and in your own interest, to tell our representatives so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter on the spot.  If the problem cannot be resolved there and then, please notify us in writing as soon as possible.  Because of the difficulties of investigating a complaint to long after the event, we will not consider any complaint unless notified to us in writing within 21 days of the end of the voyage or event.  Disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract, which cannot be amicably settled may be referred to arbitration, if the participant so wishes, under a special scheme that is administered independently by the Chartered Institute of Accountants.

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