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Bringing your classroom to life 

Despite the fact that the ocean covers over 2/3 of our planet we know very little about it. It is said we know more about outer space than we know about this valuable and important resource.  

At Quaystage Training we also believe that the ocean is a valuable resource to the education and development of young people.  Sail Training is an adventure learning programme conducted at sea, usually aboard a tall ship or large yacht, and has a number of unique characteristics that help make it a successful personal development experience for those who participate.

With this in mind, if we take the same concept and, instead of sending a single youth to sea, we send their teachers and their classes too! Undertaking a similar programme, one specifically designed to show the teachers how best to utilise this experience and how to instill an interest and passion for the maritime world within their students, imagine what could be achieved!

A single youth participating in a sail training experience may influence between 1- 5 of their peers into taking a voyage.  A teacher on the other hand has direct influence over between 30-150 students!


The Ocean becomes our classroom 

Imagine then, what can be accomplished by engaging and connecting teachers and class groups with sail training through direct exposure, and the experiences that they can then pass onto their students.

Don't forget there are direct curriculum links that can be found between formal education and a sail training adventure learning programmes!

Just some of the lessons that could be incorporated:

  • Science


  • Maths
  • Personal Development
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Language
  • History
  • Music
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Communication
  • Business Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • Technology and Design,
  • International Studies
  • Engineering

Voyages of discovery 

The length of the voyages would be between 4 and 10 days for a school based classroom from a yacht or classic vessel, or 1 - 3 months for a whole school based programme delivered from a large sailing vessel such as a square rigged ship. 

We could offer:

  • Field trips 
  • Adopt a part of the ocean - sail, dive, investigate environmental affects 
  • A summer school 
  • A winter term semester exploring the Canaries Islands, the Caribbean, and the Azores

Teachers who have been to sea on a sail training experience had the following comments:

“I got out of it a number of ways we can incorporate this into the classroom”

“Every time I go to the classroom we talk about the excursion”

“Able to share the experience with other students”

“I’ve been inspired and would love to do something like this with other students”

“Thinking about how to create that kind of environment within the classroom is amazing”

“Most of the subjects [in school] can link with this type of activity”

“Always thinking of ways to get students thinking outside the box and when I can say ‘this is what we did’ it may get them inspired”.


1385594076 world helpWork in development 

We are still very much working on our programmes for this school based activity and would very much appreciate any encouragement, advice or help you may be able to offer us. Just get in touch - we may even offer you a free trip if you are able to organise a pilot/trial voyage with your school, college, or university!

Can you help?  Do you have ideas? We would love to hear from you. Or would you like to find out more about our plans? If so, please get in touch.

Contact us    

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