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Why Sail Camp? - Its an Experience of a Life Time

Our Sail Camp and Tall Ship programmes run through the summer and winter school holidays.  Groups and schools may book during the school term.  

Adventures for  all ages & skill levels

No previous experience in sailing or diving is needed for the majority of our adventures.

  • 12 - 14 
  • 14 - 18
  • 18 - 24+

The thrill of sailing, scuba diving and discovering new destinations such as the coast of Southern England and Northern France, the beauty of Scotland, Croatia, the Greek Islands, the Canaries and the mystery of the Caribbean is as accessible to beginners as it is to the most seasoned sailor or diver!


About the experience

On your Sail Camp adventure you will get to sail as part of the crew of your yacht, dive and explore the ocean below it, climb the highest peaks to view it, whilst experiencing and learning about the natural and social world that surrounds you.

You will be proud of your achievements while working as a team to meet the challenges of the adventures that face you.

Some of your fondest memories will be made from the spontaneous and unique experiences that you take part in with your fellow crew members or at new destinations. 

It can be anything from a toga party, music around a camp fire, a midnight boat raid, to a custard-cream eating competition, a chance history lesson from a local person, or even an unexpected dolphin encounter.

It will be these memories that will last you a lifetime and will form the dreams of those who did not do SAIL or DIVE CAMP this summer.

sail camps - join the adventure


Activities where the learning and experience keeps growing


Get involved and get active as you learn how to sail, discover the world below as you learn to dive, enjoy beach parties and BBQs, go on treasure hunts, take part in the great egg drop, learn to tie knots, splice a rope and even learn to cook! Discover new places as you hike up a volcano, or go on an expedition to an historic site, or try an adventure in a canoe.*

Every moment of every day will be crammed full with adventure - learning new skills and fun things to do, while building friendships that will last a lifetime!

*activities vary from experience and location.


Learn about our planet

Education in marine biology, ecosystems and the environment are incorporated into the diving programmes, exploring the delicate relationship between our actions above the surface and consequences for the world beneath.


sail camp -dolpins sail camp -the needles sail camp -island cove sail camp -beach and town mountain


Be guided by our great staff


With our sea staff on hand to guide you no previous sailing or diving experience is necessary,­ just energy and enthusiasm.

Our experienced staff all come from the youth industry and have a wealth of experience both individually and collectively in coaching and training young people. The staff will help and guide you during your adventure as you learn (just forgive us our choice in music!).

Meet the Team that will guide you on your adventure


Make the effort, reap the awards


Your experience will be largely dependent on what you and your crew bring to it.  As with all things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out of an experience.  

Imagine just you and your fellow crew, a 50ft vessel (or a classic tall ship) and the power of the wind and the ocean - this is your chance to experience nature itself!

The sea's beauty can be incredibly poetic - beautifully serene when calm and settled, ferocious and formidable at its worst.  Yet an adventure at sea still remains to many the ultimate challenge with Mother Nature herself. She is in control but for those who set out to learn, embrace her power, and explore her secrets, there is a whole world of discovery both personal and physical, as well as a tremendous sense of achievement.

Now with the salty breeze in your hair and the helm in your hands, you realise how far you and your crew have come and you will see how far SAIL CAMP can take you beyond your expectations!


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