"Explorer" Adventures

18 -25 and pondering the big questions in life? 

Whether you need a break from classroom studying or want to use your holidays to enhance your CV or uni application – our 18-25 Sail Camp and gap-year adventures might be just what you are looking for! How does learning to sail and dive in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean sound to you?

Are you ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime, meet new friends, immerse yourself in new countries and cultures, explore coral reefs and observe marine wildlife, all while enhancing your CV and getting a head-start on your future? Join our holiday experience and create memories to last a lifetime!

If your ages between 18-25 you can join us on our 7-14 "Explorer" day programmes, but look out for 21 day adventure voyages for an experience you will never forget. 


Question:  What Next? 

Answer: A Quaystage Sail Camp Adventure!

Yes, we are being serious. A Quaystage Training Adventure can really help influence your future prospects, change your outlook on life and help you discover who you really are!


How will sailing, diving and exploring foreign countries help you create the life and career you want?

Our Explorers Sail Camp experiences are high-impact adventures designed to help you discover your true potential by stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on responsibilities and leadership roles. You acquire practical skills and qualifications (RYA and PADI certificates), learn about marine eco-system and how to help protect them, and engage with local communities.

You will be working together closely in small teams to sail your vessels to where you want them to go and learn how to communicate and overcome challenges together. But who says all those valuable life lessons can’t be learned while splashing around in turquoise water, chilling on remote beaches and having the time of your life with the friends you make on this adventure?

"You get educated by traveling."

Solange Knowles

Just like in life, you get out what you put in!

Make the effort for yourself and you will learn and gain:

  • Teamwork Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community Service Experience 
  • Increased confidence levels
  • Develop a mature attitude and aptitude towards facing challenges and tasks
  • Enhance your future job prospects

Join us now -The fun path towards your future starts here

A Sail Camp Adventure with Quaystage Training will:

Enhance your CV

Improve your University or further education applications

Make yourself stand out from your peers

Learn transferable skills that will increase your employability.

Your life changing adventure is just a click away....


More adventures coming soon !

We are currently developing our 18-25 programme September 2022 we will be offering 21 day expeditions in Greece, Canary Islands, the Caribbean and Thailand, 

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