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Summary information for this Sail Camp

'Buccaneer' 14 Day Sail Camp
  • age 14  - 19

  • UK based with possibility of visiting Europe

  • all levels of sailing experience

  • marine science

  • RYA certificates (Start Yachting / Competent Crew)

  • Duke of Edinburgh Residential (Gold level

  • can include Dive Camp – watch out for the Q with goggles!

  • Cost £2,150.00

Joining Information

Most Sail Camps start on a Saturday and finish on a Friday. However, please note that – due to their different programme lengths – Buccaneer Sail Camps can start and finish on different days of the week. Please check the dates for your chosen Sail Camp carefully.

Full joining instructions containing joining and disembarkation times, details of where to find your yacht and your Sail Camp Crew, along with a kit list, will be sent to you prior to the course upon completion of your booking. 

Some of our voyages will have a different embarkation and disembarkation port. Please check this carefully before booking return travel arrangements.   

We recommend not booking any travel before you receive your booking confirmation and joining instructions.

We recommend booking travel insurance for all our Sail Camps and courses. Please note that sailing might be considered a “high risk activity” by your insurance company and make sure it is included in your insurance package.

If your Buccaneer Sail Camp may involve landing in the EU, please make sure of the following:

  •  your health insurance covers you in EU countries
  • your passport is less than 10 years old and valid until a minimum of 6 months after your departure date


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Booking Form - "Buccaneer" Sail Camp 14 Days


SBEN2232 - 06 August 2022 - 19 August 2022

Southampton - Southampton (via Channel Island/France)

South Coast Sail Camp


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