'Buccaneers' Sail Camps

14 -18 yrs 


Buccaneer Sail Camp Facts: 

  • age 14 - 18
  •  10 - 14 days
  • variety of different locations and voyages
  •  all levels of sailing experience
  •  RYA certificates
  •  Duke of Edinburgh Residential (Gold level)


On board yachts*, in 2 berth cabins.  You may be required to share a cabin with another person of the same sex in your age group

* In the event of COVID19 restrictions we will be looking at alternative accommodation arrangements. This may increase the cost of the voyage. 



Would you like to get even more out of your Sail Camp experience?


Our RYA completion weekends are an opportunity for our Sail Camp participants to complete RYA certificates they have started on one of our Sail Camps. This could be an RAY Day Skipper for our more experienced Sail Campers, or a Competetent Crew certificate for sailing novices who need a little more practise than a 7-day Sail Camp can offer to achieve this level of experience.

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 "Buccaneers" Sail Camps 

Sailing Adventures in the UK and Europe 


Our Buccaneer Sail Camps are for those of you who are ready to brave the waves like a real pirate! With a focuse on sailing to and exploring new places, our Buccaneer programmes are designed for truly adventurous teens who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and want to learn everything about sailing a yacht and life on board. Get ready to challenge yourself and have a holiday adventure you will never forget!


Take the helm, set the sails, and navigate your course… On a summer adventure to remember!


Our Buccaneer Sail Camps are designed to take you on an adventurous voyage to discover new places - and the potential that is inside of you. Whether you are an experienced sailor or an absolute beginner, our experienced crew and instructors will show you everything you need to know and guide you every step of the way. And in the end, it’s not what you already know that counts, but what you are willing to put into the voyage.

No hidden costs - your Sail Camp price includes:

- 14 days of sailing and Sail Camp programme with other young people
- RYA syllabus sailing instructions by qualified sailing instructors
- great student/instructor ratio for learning to sail (two instructors per boat)
- coded yacht including all safety equipment
- accommodation and all meals on board
- mooring fees and fuel
- RYA qualifications (level depends on previous experience and personal motivation)
- DofE Residential (if required)

Not included in price:

- travel to and from the programme
- personal travel insurance
- Covid tests or health certificates

- Visa application fees

Getting out of your comfort zone and daring to try something new is what will make your Sail Camp holiday an experience you will never forget!  

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More adventures coming soon!

There are a lot more places to sail to and a lot more adventures we would like to take you on! Plus, we are currently working on a variety of gap year adventures based on and around the water, and deep-diving (sometimes quite literally) into new places and cultures!

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