Covid - 19 Policy

Statement 2021/22

Covid 19 - Policy Statement - Please read before booking


At this time, Covid remains in the forefront of our minds in everyday life.  At Quaystage Training Sail Camps, we are looking to provide residential expedition voyages and Sail Camps for teenagers, young adults and family groups for the summer 2023 that meet the current goverment and IMO health advise in all the countries we operate in, with the view of providing a safe training environment.

Quaystage will make assessments on the execution of its programmes based on RYA and BMI guidelines and government advice. Quaystage Training reserves the right to cancel voyages at short notice, owing to its interpretation of these guidelines and the ability to deliver a safe programme. In this event, full refund will be issued.

Our aim in 2023 is to provide sailing programmes which will enable young people to get outside and socialise with each other, as well as families to enjoy each others company in the outdoors on our Family Camps. We endeavour to provide the best experience possible to the young people and adults we take to sea with us, but  reserve the right to make changes to the advertised activities and programme itineraries owing to health concerns, and reserve the right to apply a surcharge for activities for which associated costs spiral.  These decisions will be made on grounds of safety and economic consdierations for both individuals and the overall reputation of Quaystage Training Limited.

If you make a booking and the course does not go ahead owing to Covid conditions/restrictions' we will provide a full refund. We recommend that you or the person you have made a booking for are covered by your own travel insurance for cancelation of the trip, in the event that you or the participant is not attending owing to Covid symptoms.

Please feel free to contact us and find out how we are keeping courses and their participants safe. In the meantime, as valued customers and friends, please stay safe.


Covid-19 Policy and other medical emergencies 

We are still part of a global Covid-19 pandemic and whilst we live again in society enjoying social freedoms the last two years have highlighted the need to have a robust policy of medical response and prevention.  

  • Prevention
    • All our vessels are cleaned prior to charter to a high professional standard. 
    • All participants including young people and staff to be 14 days clear of symptoms.
    • All food preparation areas and equipment will be wiped down prior to being used.
    • All other service will be cleaned with sanitised wipes after any teaching and at least four times a day as part of a cleaning regime.  
    • All persons below deck will be required to wear a face mask.
    • All crew and staff will be issued with hand sanitiser to be carried on their persons.
  • Containment 
    • Should any person on board develop symptoms, we will seek immediate medical advice and return back to an agreed port. Arrangements will be made for all young people on board to be collected by parents and arrangements made to self isolate. This will include crew. 

Medical - First Aid 

  • All our professional staff are first aid trained. Our skippers are all First Aid certified at a minimum and briefed in action to follow should a medical condition occur.