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Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold Sailing Expeditions 


Looking for a Gold Residential Course?

Check out our Summer Sail Camps.  Adventerous voyages as part of the Sail Camp flotilia discovering marine biology and personal skills.  Opportunites for ages 13-24 years. 

Quaystage Sail Camps 

Group / Team Expeditions

If you are part of a school or DofE group, or you would like to put together your own expedition with a group of friends, we at Quaystage can help you by giving you the necessary arrangements and skills you need to carry out your sailing expedition. All we need to know is the date that you wish to start your training and expedition week.

Your expedition can be completed over a 9 or 14 days period or as per your format, providing it meets the the qualifying requirements.

Groups should be between 5-7 people ideally, with at least two days sailing experience (RYA Start Yachting or above standard). 

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Achieving your RYA Day Skipper on your expedition   

It is possible during our 14 day expeditions to achieve your RYA Day Skipper, if you put in the effort and meet the required standards upon completion of your expedition and training. 

Please discuss with one of our staff how this can be achieved at the time of booking. 

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Need a course on another date?

We run our DofE Expedition Voyages during most school holidays. These include Half-Terms, Easter and Summer Holidays.  

If you are looking for a DofE Sailing Expedition or Gold DofE Sailing related Residential course, then contact us for a chat and find out availability. 

Make your  Gold DofE experience even better - sail with us!


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Safety on board

Taking command and responsibility of a sailing vessel (and your crew) for your DofE Expedition can be a daunting prospect. However, there is no need to worry! - Throughout your training and practice expedition, our highly qualified and experienced instructor will be there to teach you and make sure you are safe at all times. And during your qualifying expedition, your assessor will not only be there to assess you, but also have the necessary sailing qualifications and experience to ensure the safety of you and the other crew on board.

DofE Gold Sailing Expeditions

Doing your DofE Expedition under sail is a true adventure, and there is nothing quite like the sense of achievement you will get from learning how to sail and navigate your boat, plan your voyage, and finally setting sail and taking command of your vessel!

Our Sailing Expeditions programmes are intense but exhilarating experiences, and don’t worry – we will be there every step of the way to help you through this challenge!

All our programmes include a practice and qualifying expedition, introductory training on your expedition yacht and instructions in voyage planning. We will also check in with you before the start of your programme, to help you prepare for your adventure.

Depending on the programme you choose and your previous sailing experience, some theory or practical training might be advisable before you start your expedition programme. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are unsure – our experienced RYA instructors are happy to help and discuss possible options with you.

Our DofE Expedition Programmes

For individuals we offer two different Open Expeditions – a 9 day programme and a 14 day programme.

If you already have a DofE group you want to do your expedition with, you can either choose one of our Open Expedition programmes as well, or we can create a programme tailored specifically to the needs of your group. Just get in touch with us to discuss your preferred dates and programme length with us!


9 Day Gold DofE Expedition

Nine days is the perfect length to accomplish your Gold DofE Expedition section over your Easter or Half Term holidays without missing a day of school! However, as the programme itinerary is quite intense and the time for pre-expedition training limited, we recommend that you already have some sailing experience (RYA Start Yachting or comparable), as the programme could be a little overwhelming otherwise. In order to prepare you for the challenges of planning your expedition and navigating your vessel, our 9 day DofE Expedition programme includes access to our RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship course (online).

Not sure if your sailing experience is enough to brave the challenge? Or are you in fact a complete novice to sailing, but the 9 day programme just works best into your DofE plans? Just get in touch with us and we will help you figure out the best ways to prepare yourself for this adventure!

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12 + 2 Days Gold DofE Expedition

In order to get ready to take on command of your vessel for your qualifying expedition, you will learn A LOT about sailing and navigation! So much, in fact, that many of the participants of our DofE Expeditions achieve the level of sailing skills necessary for RYA qualifications. This is why we created our 12 + 2 days Gold DofE Expedition programme. The extra days allow for more sailing instructions and training (which makes it a very beginner friendly programme!), and also allow us the time to practice specific skills required for RYA qualifications.

The 12 day Expedition programme will include both practise and qualifiying DofE expedition, as well as instructions to the level of RYA Competent Crew. An additional weekend can be booked at the end (see our RYA Completion Weekends), if you want to level up to the RYA Day Skipper qualification.

This programme includes only the practical part of the RYA Day Skipper qualification. You will need to have navigation theory knowledge to the level of RYA Dayskipper theory in order to succesfully complete your RYA Day Skipper certificate. The easiest way to ensure this is to complete a Day Skipper theory course before the start of your DofE Expedition programme. We can book this course for you at a discounted price through our RYA training partners - just let us know in your booking form!

Example of Intinerary for the

9 Day Open Expedition 

DofE 9 day Programme example

Upcoming DofE Gold Sailing Expedition Dates 

DofE Sailing

DofE Open Expedition 12 Day

DofE (Gold) Expedition

12 Day Expedition with RYA Training 
(additional days may be required
for certain qualifications)

14 - 25 August 2023
Limited spaces

Southampton to Southampton

£ 1,695.00

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Please note - expeditions require a minimum of 4 participants in order to go ahead!