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Fast-track Yachtmaster Programme

Become a marine professional in the sailing and yachting industry with Quaystage Training's Yachtmaster Professional Fast-track Course.  

This course is an intensive programme of theory and practical sailing instruction designed to progress a fairly inexperienced sailor to a qualified commercially endorsed Yachtmaster. On passing your Yachtmaster exam you will have the  necessary certificates and sufficient practical experience to start a career as a professional in the marine yacht industry.

Alternatively this is a great option for anyone looking for a life-changing experience, either during a gap year or career break.


logoWhy Quaystage Training ?

Join at your experience level

The Yachtmaster Professional Fast-track programme is an 18 week modular course.

Students can join at the beginning of the programme or opt to complete just part of the course to increase their skills to the next level.

The programme consists of three distinct and different modules of around four to five weeks tuition. These modules can be taken individually or all in one go, which is the norm, but students who may have more experience can join at a later module suited to their current skill level.  This means that you can do modules when the time suits you instead of committing to long periods of training.

Students who already have equivalent sailing experience to Day Skipper level and at least 700 miles can join at Module 2. Students with a Coastal Skipper Certificate and about 1600 miles sailing experience can join the course at Module 3 to achieve their Yachtmaster qualification.

You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness and be able to support yourself financially during this period.

Personal attention and training targets

At Quaystage Training we pride ourselves on having small numbers on our Fast-track courses to maintain high quality and individual attention. 

Your progress is constantly monitored and help is always at hand from our approachable and friendly instructors who will monitor your progress and provide constructive feedback. You will also have a course mentor who will provide you with additional detailed debrief/feedback sessions and written progress reports so emphasis can be changed according to each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Value for money and more qualifications

As well as the Yachtmaster Offshore qualification, at Quaystage we enhance your qualifications to give you a head start when you enter the industry. As part of your Fast-track Yachtmaster with us you will attend a yacht maintenance training week, gain your Powerboat Level 2, RYA Radar course and Sea Survival. 

Students will also achieve MCA/STCW 95 qualifications including the Basic Training week.

About the Yachtmaster Professional Fast-track Programme

We believe we deliver one of the best possible intense yachtmaster training programmes  with the aim of producing high quality sailors, and skippers.

Our programme is carefully designed to provide quality, not just mileage, and as such each teaching week has a specific set of learning targets. Weeks are specifically either "drills and skills" in the Solent area or distance sails, where you will cruise around the world's most challenging cruising ground in the English Channel. Here you will be given the chance to skipper the yacht to gain experience of  passage making and handle demanding pilotage and boat handling scenarios.

Find out more or sign up!

For more details about the course and the options open to you please download our Professional Marine Training Yachts PDF.
If you would like any help at all or would like to discuss the possibilities further please call Ben or any of the team here at Quaystage Training with any questions you might have.

Seeking further qualifications?

You could combine your Yachtmaster Qualifications with a PADI Divemaster.  This can be done in an eight week Fast-track programme also offered by Quaystage Training.

If you are seeking employment in the Marine Industry then our 6 and 12 month Internship programmes offer a great value opportunity to gain both sail and dive qualifications and valuable work experience in the industry.   

Learn Seamanship and Traditional Skills 

During your Quaystage Training Fast Track Programme you will spend your sea time on our Training Yachts but also the traditional vessels including Sail Training Schooners and tall ships

Here you will learn traditional seamanship skills and gain experierence as a Deck Hand and Watch keeping.  All exceeduly value demostrate real ship experience for those enetering the super yacht and classic sailing industry. 

There will also be chance to work towards a 'MCA Yacht Deck Rating' further enhancing your skills and employability in the industry.   

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Fast Track Dates and Rates

Our course will start in March 2023 and in September 2023.  Please contact us directly regarding Fast Track Courses for more infomration.


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