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Outdoor Education programmes for

Keystage 3,4&5 Students

Working With Schools

The benefits of outdoor education for young people is well documented.  Often schools however do not have the provision to offer engaging programmes owing to the cost of equipment. staffing issues and time taken to organise the provision of experiences away from the classroom. 

At Quaystage Training this is exactly what we do, and we work directly with our partner schools to provide educational and experiential learning activities. for every school year group.   

These include provision of:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition voyages
  • Our "Education@Sea" and "Science@Sea" programmes which run alongside national curriculum subjects. 
  • We can also provide our 'Sail Camps' programmes to schools groups during Holiday periods.

Having the ability to provide sailing and sail training on the school’s 'Sail Training Vessels' to students can be a distinctive feature of the broad school ethos  and enhance reputation for delivering a dynamic child future oriented curriculum. 

Our team will work directly with Head Teachers and their staff at each partner school, providing support both in terms of admin sharing the responsibility and creating bespoke programme with the aim of getting young people outside and active.

  • Keystage 3 and 4 (and above) ages groups
  • Core subjects and other national curriculum subjects can be taught in a practical way
  • Sailing meets outdoor education and experiential learning outcomes

Why introduce educational sailing programmes in your school ?

Sail training develops young peoples’ teamwork and leadership skills and lets them experience wholly new situations.  While enjoying the stunning scenery and freedoms of being at sea, they get a growing sense of their capabilities.

Our permanent staff on board, including the full-time Skippers, are used to working with novice sailors, and students are trained in all aspects of crewing the vessel.   By the end of the week the student crew are confidently plotting their course and sailing the boat.

This experience helps them navigate the sea, and their broader lives, with increased confidence and resilience.

Influencing student's social behaviour and responsibility

Our programmes enable young people to develop new skills which will open doors in their future. They are not just amazing holidays, but developmental journeys that start long before a young person steps aboard their vessel when they join their chosen programme. 

Participation enhances 

  • Citizenship 
  • Teamwork 
  • enhances self worth 
  • encourages practical thinking 
  • creates real world thinking 
  • provides a physical presence and visual aspect to academic education


21 SC Aug-16


Recruitment of students to our programmes 

Recruitment of students will usually take place at least 2-3 months before the start of each voyage. However, we are happy to work with you for a longer period.

This allows a reasonable period for fund raising to be undertaken before the voyage, and also allows the Quaystage Liaison Officer to establish contact and start working with the young people, to develop expected outcomes for their own personalised development programme, which will reward them for their efforts.

First step is to book us for a school visit and, if possible, an assembly. 

For more information can be found  found in how to book your school a visit from one of our team via the link below. 

"Bookings for Schools"

Why engage in outdoor learning with us?

Adventure training for young people through the 'Sail Camps' and our 'Education@Sea' programmes engage, stretch and challenge both that encourage their imagination and beliefs.   They also enable young people to develop new skills which will open doors for the future.  They are not just amazing holidays or time away from the classroom but developmental journeys that start long before a young person steps aboard one of our vessels.

Facing personal challenges

During our courses a young person will find themselves outside their comfort zone. Learning becomes a powerful phase of their development as they overcome adversity, adapt to new environments, understand their strengths and weaknesses and manage problems successfully.

Awareness of the environment

Whilst participating on a voyage, a young person will become more aware of the natural environment - monitoring the weather, the sea and the life that lives within it.  Whilst on land they will explore new cultures, giving the young person a greater sense of perspective of their own. Young people also learn respect for the environment and their peers, thus making a positive impact on their lives.

Find out more about the impact of our programmes and the possibilities they bring.

"Teaching in an Ocean Classroom"

Support for the organiser

We know how much work is involved in organising a school expedition. At Quaystage Training, we are committed to making memories which will last for a lifetime, without placing a burden on busy teachers.  

All we ask is for is a contact teacher from your school willing to act as a focal point for the school and for booking rooms, e.g. for assemblies and parent meetings.  She/he will then be supported by our Quaystage Liaison Officer, who will provide all the support needed, including providing risk assessments, letters to parents and collecting funds.  

Supporting teachers

Quaystage Training aim to get rid of the usual school trip headaches. We will liaise with the parents, collect fees, and conduct the necessary risk assessments on your behalf. All we need is a list of who from your school or organisation wishes to attend and how to contact them. We will not drain school resources, including the valuable time of teachers, once introductions to your school have been made between you and our school support coordinator.

School staff supervision levels

On our school-organised trips we ask that at least one teacher per 20 young people participating in the voyage.

Therefore a full expedition of 40 of would be made up of 36 young people and at least two  members of school staff.


Next step to becoming a Quaystage partner school...

At Quaystage we just relish the opportunity to discuss with schools and teachers, how our educational programmes could would within your school, and share ideas how we could incorporate delivery into the schools vision and educational parameters. 

We would be happy to attend a meeting with the school's head teachers,  governors,  or heads of department and even hold an assembly or lessons for the students themselves. 

We accept every invitation to show you our enthusiasm for benefits that outdoor education learning platforms and sail training have on the development of young people. 

Please consider becoming one of our 'Partner schools' 


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