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RYA Completion Weekend for Sail Camp Participants

Our RYA completion weekends are an opportunity for our Sail Camp participants to complete RYA certificates they have started on one of our Sail Camps. This could be an RAY Day Skipper for our more experienced Sail Campers, or a Competetent Crew certificate for sailing novices who need a little more practise than a 7-day Sail Camp can offer, to achieve this level of experience.
If you are unsure if an RYA completion weekend is for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch, and we will discuss your options with you.

Courses are from Friday afternoon until Sunday approximately midday. Prices include all meals on board, mooring fees and fuel.

RYA completion weekends can be booked independently of a Sail Camp booking as part of an RYA sailing course (e.g. a 3-weekend Day Skipper course), however, different rates apply for bookings in combination with a Sail Camp booking.

We will be adding more dates depending on demand. If you would like to book an RYA completion weekend, but can't find any dates that work for you, please get in touch, as we will take this into consideration when planning our next courses!



RYA Completion Weekends


RYA Completion Weekend

13 - 21 Years 

5 August - 7 August 2022
Southampton to Southampton

(in combination with a Sail Camp booking)

(as an independent booking)

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