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Adventure Sailing weeks for teenagers and young people  14-24 years.

Destinations include the UK, Europe, Carribean and Asia.  

Join the Teen Summer Sail Camp Yachts Fortilia and have the summer vacation of a lifetime!

Sail Camps can qualify for expedition and residential elements of you DofE Award 


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Dive Camps Expeditions

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Did you know !   Scientists have explored only 1% of the ocean depths.  On one of Sail Camps' "Dive Camps" you can explore below the water.

Dive Camps are Teen Sailing Adventure weeks for teenagers and young people  14-24 in the Caribbean and Greece and Asia.  Where the expedition and training is specifically geared toward scuba diving. 


QT Adventures 

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These are adventure voyages ideal for a Gap Year or an extended hoilday experience.  For ages 18+ These consist of 21+ day expeditions, up to three months.  


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Duke of Edingburh Award Expeditions 

Do something completly different for your DofE Gold Expedition, hike on the ocean.  On this special 9 day voyage learn how to sail, navigate and lead your expedition as  Skipper, as you take your vessel on an adventure.  In addition to your DofE Ctredits you will also acheive RYA Qualifications.  


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    Over 25 ?

    Why should teenagers have all the fun. Our adult voyages (Ages 21 -75+) allow us to continue to work with young people.  Take part in all the same fun, but with a more adult holiday pace by joining us on one of our Sail Worldwide Sail Adventures


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    What are you going to do this Summer? 

    Have the experience of a lifetime ! 

    Join the Sail Camp Fortillia and set off on a voyage of discovery 

    Learn to sail, naviagate towards your future, and haness the wind as you explore new places.  On one of our Summer Camp Sailing Adventure Voyages :

    .... Explore by Land & Sea

    Your Sail Camps will combine sailing and adventure with expeditions both offshore and onshore. 

      • Learn to sail

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      • Learn to dive*


      • Take part in expeditions

      Rope Bridge Adventure

      • Learn to Cook 

      Galley Team

      • Learn about marine biology 

      TA2 Atlantic 012 (2)

      • Lasting friendships 

      Freindships form

      ​​​​​No sailing or diving experience necessary

        Explore Exciting Destinations

        • South Coast and Northern Europe 
        • North West Scotland 
        • Mediterranean (Greece & Croatia) 
        • Caribbean & Thailand 

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        * Activities listed are subject to destination and availability

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