Info about Solent 7 Day Sail Camps 


7 Day Solent Adventure 

The Solent is one of our favourite sailing areas, because it has everything to offer us for an exciting week on the water with Sail Camp. Its waters are sheltered from the strongest weather, its bays are welcoming for anchoring, it has a host of great marinas offering different opportunites ashore, and its many inlets and harbours ply host to both marine and coastal wildlife, as well as display their scenic beauty. 

Joining your Sail Camp flotilla in Port Solent, Portsmouth, you will sail to a new destination within the Solent each day. As you do, you will learn the basics  of how to sail and how to navigate your vessel safely to where you will undertake you next exciting land programme activity. 

Land programmes, whilst forming part of the educational or community service aspects of your Sail Camp adventure, are also great fun. This could include coasting whilst learning about geology and oshore drift, rock pooling and learning about aquatic animals, it could be conducting science experiements to investigate the affects of mirco plastics, or it could include a beach clean to help the environment. 

The land programme could even involve one of our famous beach BBQ's as you camp out under the stars, after canoeing, or paddle boarding in one of the Solent's many creeks. If weather permits, you might even break out of the Solent and head along the Jurassic Coast towards Poole and Weymouth.  

A 7 day Solent Sail Camp is the perfect way to learn how to sail, meet new freinds and have a perfect summer break. Like all Sail Camps, it is bursting with adventures.