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Which Camp is best for you?  

Sail Camps are open to everyone - no previous experience in diving or sailing is required.

Our Programmes are split into three main youth age group categories


14-16 years - "Pioneers'  Sail Camp


16-18 Years -  "Buccaneers" Sail Camp


18-24 years -   "Explorer" Sail Camp 

There are some occasions where we will combine the 16-24 age groups.


How long is a Sail Camp voyage?

The length of your Sail Camp adventure depends on you age and the programme you choose. 

Pioneer and Buccaneer Sailing Camps offer:

  • 2 days 
  • 7days
  • 14 days expeditions

In our Explorer programmes they can be up to 21 days+.


Important News for our 2021 Programmes 



Duke of Edingburh Award Expeditions 

Do something completly different for your DofE Gold Expedition - hike on the ocean. 

On this special 9 day voyage you will learn how to sail, navigate and lead your expedition as Skipper - all while you're taking your vessel on an adventure. 

In addition to your DofE credits you will also achieve RYA qualifications.  


Find out more - dofe 


      Where do we go on Sail Camp?

      You can search courses by the destinations we sail, such as:

      • South Coast and Northern Europe 
      • North West Scotland
      • Caribbean 
      • Greek Islands 

      * Activities listed as part of our Youth Adventure Sail Camp programmes are subject to destination and availability

      Still unsure of which programme suits you see our full list of courses for 2021

      Our Course List and destinations for 2021



      Want to sail as a family group ?

      Experience all the thrills and excitement of sail camp and learn to sail with your family - get out the house and spend sometime together outside in 2021. 

      Family Sail Camps 

      Sail Camps 

      Youth Sailing Holidays with a difference !

      Are you looking for a different type of Adventure?


      Will you join in the adventure on our  Youth Sailing Holidays for an exciting adventure under sail, away from home? If you are aged between 14-25, we have just the right summer Sail Camp programme for you!


      This summer you could be sailing in turquoise waters or under a blanket of stars, diving or snorkelling on coral reefs, climbing volcanoes or trekking through the rainforest. You could be learning how to set sails and navigate a boat, observing dolphins and other marine wildlife, discovering remote places barely accessible by land, and creating memories and friendships that you will never forget. Are you up for it?


      Sail your yacht and crew to new destinations, such as the Jurassic Coast of Southern England and Northern France. Discover the beauty of Scotland and explore the magic of ancient Greece. Follow in the treks of the Pirates of the Caribbean and discover some of the most beautiful beaches on this planet. Experience sights beyond your imagination and gain new skills beyond your expectations.

      5 Facts About Sail Camp 


      ·       Meet friends that last a lifetime!

      ·       Learn about marine biology!

      ·       Explore your environment and help to protect it!

      ·       Get a head start on your future and enhance your CV!

      ·       Have a holiday you will never forget!

      What are you going to do this Summer? 


      Sign up for a diffrent type of adventure where you will discover not only yourself but the life that is around you.  

      Experience a real life, full on adventure, designed for young people just like you. Whether you are a sailing beginner or a seasoned adventurer, Sail Camp Adventures will be an experience you will never forget. 

      Explore by Land & Sea

      Sail and Dive Camps combine sailing and adventure with expeditions both offshore and onshore. 


        At sea you will be part of the crew on board the boat, getting involved in every aspect of sailing the vessel itself.

        • Learn how to sail and navigate!

        • Set sails, keep watch and steer the boat!
        • Explore the marine wildlife… you will be amazed what you can find out there!
        • Learn new skills that could lead to RYA (sailing) or PADI (diving) qualifications!
        • Work together in a team and make friends that will last a lifetime!


        Onshore there will be plenty of time to explore the places you have sailed to and have a great time with your new friends.


        • Go canoeing or paddle boarding*
        • Go snorkeling or diving in coral reefs (yes, even in our Europe-based Sail Camps)!
        • Have beach BBQs!
        • Experience living geography and investigate fragile eco-systems!
        • Try out new activities such as orienteering or coasting!
        • Explore new places - perhaps even new cultures and new countries – and engage with the local community*!
        • Create memories that you will never forget!
        Up and Down Two Divers




        Some of our Summer Sail Camps have activites which concentrate on Scuba Diving.   These include all the sailing aspects of a Sail Camp voyage but training is geared around undertaking PADI diving certification.   Dive Camp is an action-packed adventure that we offer on selected Sail Camp Adventures.

        Keep a look-out for the goggles !

        Find out More about Dive camps   

        or contact us directly for options!

        No sailing or diving experience necessary!

        Learn about yourself and discover new talents

        During a Quaystage Teen and Youth Summer Camp Adventure you will gain in confidence,  learn about yourself, develop team and leadership skills, grow in social awareness and learn about environmental awareness. 

        Want to find out more about one of our youth Sail Camps and your adventure under sail ? 

        Arrange a call with one of our team.  We are already excited about what we have to tell you. 

        Contact the Sail Camp Team