Apprentice Programmes

Apprentice Programmes

YP on the RailOver years of working with young people, we have heard firsthand the concerns and views of employers who take on apprentices straight from school or colleges.  These range from a lack of self-discipline, unable to take responsibility, time-keeping and lack of confidence.

At Quaystage Training we run water-based adventure activity programmes designed to complement and enhance the development of these skills. Our adventure programmes can be easily adapted to meet the needs of your company.  Alternatively you could send your apprentices as individuals on one of our Sail Camps or apprentice events such as 'The Apprenticeship Cup'.

Benefits to your company and how we can work with the young people you employ

We can work with your apprentices at the following stages:


  • ­Facilitating transition into the workplace and supporting effective integration.  
  • Focus on building core capabilities and highlighting the importance of your corporate values, processes and standards.


  • Developing your apprentices’ communication, team and relationship building skills. 
  • They’ll learn to work flexibly and adapt their approach in order to deliver the results you expect of them.


  • Equipping your apprentices with more advanced and strategic capabilities as they near the end of their apprenticeship. 
  • Focus on building leadership and influencing skills, and developing their ability to set goals and project manage.

Key business benefits

  • Apprentices who are engaged with and committed to your organisation and its objectives and values
  • Task-oriented apprentices who understand actions and consequences and can perform effectively as a result
  • Communicative, self-aware apprentices who can work flexibly and integrate into new teams.

A unique approach

  • Marine and remote environments act as a perfect catalyst for development
  • Engaging projects and adventurous outdoor challenges to move delegates out of comfort zones
  • Practical applications of theoretical models to develop capabilities to transfer to the workplace
  • Review and reflection process to enable improved performance
  • Expert facilitation from some of the industry’s most experienced practitioners


Woking in partnership to help young people helpApprentice Training Events 


In partnership with the Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust, Quaystage Training is wokring to create a programme for developing apprentices.  Improving their confidence, listening, communication skills, team work and attitude towards supervision. 


In June 2014 we will be running our Flagship Apprentice Event in the North West.

In 2015 will be running two events, again in the North West but also on the South Coast.


The Apprenticeship Cup 

Apprentices from companies along the coastal communities of the Solent and South Coast send their apprentices to take part in a five day events sailing regatta, designed to enhance the value of team work, build confidence, encourage problem solving and develop self discipline. 

There will be more information about this event to follow.  If you would like to register your interest and be kept informed of developments as they happen please contact us. Thank you for your support.