How to get the funds 

Funding your Sail Camp Adventure

You do not know how pleased we are that you have made it to this page. It means you are seriously thinking about a Sail Camp adventure, and believe us when we say that your future is starting here.  

The next stage of your journey is to raise the fee to go on your Sail Camp adventure. At Quaystage Training we believe that you should have ownership of your adventure, that is why we expect you to make the effort to raise the funds towards your Sail Camp trip yourself, instead of relying on someone else to give you the money.  

We believe you will get more out of the experience by doing so.

Nothing is impossible - the word itself says
"I'm possible"!

Crew members raise on average 80% of the voyage fee

Last year, crew members raised on average a very impressive 80% of the cost of their adventure through fundraising!

Quaystage Training can help with raising this money if needed. If you put the effort in, we will repay that with our own efforts to help you. You can contact us to find out what ideas have worked for others in the past, and we can give advice, support and ideas if you are struggling.

The secret is keeping a little faith and keeping your end goal in mind!

Will I be able to raise the money?

Yes! The whole idea of the Quaystage programme is that we teach you the skills you need to raise the funds for your trip.  If you put the hard work in, you can raise the money through individual and team fund raising activities.

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