Information for Teachers

Experimental learning and school activities

Adventure training for young people through the Sail Camp and Dive Camp programmes engage, stretch and challenge. They also enable young people to develop new skills which will open doors for the future. They are not just amazing holidays but developmental journeys that start long before a young person steps aboard one of our vessels.

Teachers and parents tell us their pupils and children "came back as adults" or that "they learned the true meaning of teamwork" on board.

We are committed to making memories for a lifetime without placing a burden on busy teachers.


During our courses a young person will find themselves outside their comfort zone. Learning becomes a powerful phase of their development as they overcome adversity, adapt to new environments, understand their strengths and weaknesses and manage problems successfully.

Awareness of the environment

Whilst participating on a voyage, a young person will become more aware of the natural environment - monitoring the weather, the sea and the life that lives within it.  Whilst on land they will explore new cultures, giving the young person a greater sense of perspective of their own. Young people also learn respect for the environment and their peers, thus making a positive impact on their lives.

Why go on a Quaystage Training course?

There are many reasons to choose a Quaystage Training Courses over other adventure experiences.

To begin with, the Sail Camp and Dive Camp experience is completely unique. Our expeditions and voyages offer a depth of learning, provide challenges and solutions. Our professional sea staff provide a safe, secure, but exciting and fun environment in which to begin a voyage of discovery.

Our Office team offer a high level of service and support, from the booking stage to beyond the voyage experience.

In addition, the yachts and vessels used by Quaystage Training provide the ideal base from which to lead expeditions and start adventures.

Supporting teachers

Quaystage Training aim to get rid of the usual school trip headaches. We will liaise with the parents, collect fees, and conduct the necessary risk assessments on your behalf. All we need is a list of who from your school or organisation wishes to attend and how to contact them. We will not drain school resources, including the valuable time of teachers, once introductions to your school have been made between you and our school support co-ordinator.

School staff supervision levels

On our school-organised trips we ask that at least one teacher per 10 young people participates in the voyage.

Therefore a full expedition of 40 of would be made up of 36 young people and at least four members of school staff.

Teachers and school staff are free

The good news is we will give you these staff places free.

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