Duke of Edinburgh Award at Quaystage Training

Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold Expedition (Solent)

Information on DofE Expedition 

To qualify there must be four other people with you on the vessel a maxi um of 6 per vessel.   These can either be group of Friends from a school or DofE club, or you can book as an individual.  

The course is 9 intense days of learning the aspects of sailing and navigation and conducting both your practice and "Live" expeditions. 

Our Skipper will act as your instructor and guide for the first part of the course, helping to get you prepared for your expedition adventure which you do conduct over the last weekend whee they will act as solely as the responsible person for your safety on the vessel.    

Based out of Port Solent, you will have time to plan, practice and learn the basics of sailing a yacht.  Don't worry if you have never sailed before or if you have little experience.  You will be part of a team, and will be prepared by our staff to get you expedition ready so that you feel confident to take on the leadership and team roles that an expedition requires.  

Example Itinerary for the course 

  • Saturday - meet the team an familiarise yourself with the vessel.  - Afternoon sail / overnight stay. 
  • Sunday - Return to base camp for preparation and theory sessions
  • Monday -  Am Theory followed by PM Sail Training 
  • Tuesday  - Practice Expedition 
  • Wednesday - Practice Expedition followed by Expedition Planning 
  • Thursday - Planning a preparation day. 
  • Friday -  Live Expedition Starts  
  • Saturday - Live Expedition 
  • Sunday  - Return to Home base under Live expedition conditions for debrief over tea and cake! **

This course requires evening sessions and a lot of self mot ovation to meet its demands.  The every essense and values of the DofE Scheme. 

** Cake subject to availability !

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Expedition Dates 

An Expedition needs between 4-6 persons to go ahead. 

  • DofE Sail Camp Expedition 9 days – Thursday 15th July – Friday  23th July 2021 (Portsmouth to Portsmouth) - Booking no longer being taken 
  • DofE Sail Camp Expedition 9 days – Saturday 7th August – Sunday 15th August 2021 (Portsmouth to Portsmouth) - Booking no longer being taken 
  • DofE Sail Camp Expedition 9 days – Saturday 21 August – Sunday 29th August 2021 (Portsmouth to Portsmouth) - Booking no longer being taken 
  • DofE Sail Camps Expedition 9 days – Saturday 23rd October – Sunday 31st October (Portsmouth to Portsmouth) - Berths Available !

Book a DofE Expedition Camp

Book as and individual or group

You can either book as a group or as an individual.   Please note that individual bookings are subject to the minimum number of participants being booked a chosen date before it as confirmed as starting.

We can organise an expedition for a DofE Group from 4-6 persons per vessel.  Please contact us if the dates you want for your expedition are not shown, we would be happy to organise an expedition for you. 

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