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We come from all different backgrounds - Skippers, Diving Instructors, Teachers, Marine Biologists and Activity Instructors. We share a desire for training young people and a love for the sea and the natural environment that surrounds it.  We live for the personal journey that a collective experience working as a team can bring us.

We are here to teach, discover and evolve. That is why we have chosen Youth Adventure Training over a predictable 9-to-5 desk job. Deep down, everyone here wants to set their own course. Explore, sail and discover.

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Our Crew

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David (Ben) Swain -

David Swain, known to all of us as Ben, is an established Sail Trainer within the UK of considerable reputation and over 25 years’ experience as both an instructor and coach.  Holding a MCA Master 3000gt qualifications and a RYA Yachtmaster Instructors qualification, he is professionally qualified to take command, teach, or act as designated person ashore for Quaystage Training.

Ben has written a number of training handbooks, including those in use by MSSC Sea cadets, Sail Training International and Adventure Under Sail. He also played a key role in the development of the German sailing school on a ship ‘Ocean College’.

Ben's enthusiasm for sail training and water-based education and how it can change the lives of young people, is the passion and ethos behind Quaystage Training.

Ben has been Station Manager at Kings Cross Station in London, and served as The Government Officer for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. He is currently on secondment to the SAWIRIS FOUNDATION FOR TRAINING AND QUALIFYING SEAMEN in Egypt but will be returning to deliver our Sail Camp programme as one of our lead flotilla skippers in July 2023.

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Miriam Frank - 

Miriam known to all as the "Boss Lady" is a significant benefit to the Quaystage Training Team. An experienced teacher and outdoor education project leader, she leads all our educations programmes and takes charge of our social media interactions. Qualified in Biology and Chemistry, she enjoys passing on her knowledge of all things 'sciency' into everyday language and life. As principle co-ordinator for our Education@Sea and Science@Sea programmes, she works with our partner schools across the UK and Europe to bring their curriculum to life. Miriam's goal is to help her fellow teachers teach beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.   

Harriette Wade-West

Harriette is a qualified RYA Yachtmaster Cruising and shore-based Instructor, and is Quaystage's Admission & Programme Manager.  She co-ordinates our administration and logistics and is the on-call RYA specialist. If your are booking one of our Sail Camps, enquiring about a youth RYA sailing course, or wanting help planning your Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition, Harriette is the person who will invariably have all the answers! 


Jethro Friggins  -

Jethro Friggins is one of our most popular sail training and lead flotila skipper.  He is a qualified RYA Ocean Yachtmaster and YMI (Yachtmaster Instructor). He has serveed as the Sailing Master and Commanding Officer of the TS Royalist (operated by the MSSC) and is currently "on loan" to the Dubai Sailing Club as their Chief Instructor.

Marlen, Lizzy, Penelope, Juley and Laura -

Marlen, Lizzy, Laura and Penelope are part of our vital onboard mates and support team. Experienced trans-Atlantic tall ship sailors, when working for us during their summer breaks from university or tall ship adventures, they work tirelessly supporting our skippers on our yacht flotillas, and encouraging the young people they sail with to get up to mischief!  They also assist and lead in delivering many aspects of our Sail Camp programme, including our OceanClassroom Science@Sea and Marine Biology sessions.