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RYA Courses on Sail Camps


Quaystage Training is an recognised RYA Training Centre and as a result, specialises in delivering the RYA syllabus to teens and young people.  Through our Summer Sail Camp programmes the following RYA certificates may be obtained. 

Start Yachting with a Sail Camp 

The RYA Start Yachting course provides a safe and friendly introduction to sailing. During your time with Sail Camp, you will experience steering a yacht, sail handling, ropework, and becoming aware of safety on board. 

Everyone on sail camp will be able to achieve their RYA Start Yachting qualification and get a certificate at the end of the voyage.  This Certificate is offered on a Pioneer 7 Day Adventure.

Competent Crew - becoming a useful crew member.

Competent Crew is the course for the absolute beginner to learn the basics and to enjoy the delights of sailing aboard a cruising yacht. 

It is also an ideal stepping stone for dinghy sailors who wish to try yachting and for those who have already done some crewing but wish to develop their sailing skills a little further.

The average crew member can complete the RYA Syllabus for this course during a 14day Buccaneer adventure.   Whilst it is possible for this to be achieved on a 7-day Sail Camp, this is down to the discretion of the skipper and Chief Instructor and dependent on the experience and abilities of the individual candidate.

RYA Day Skipper ­ / Watchleader - Learn to take command

The Day Skipper Course is aimed at teaching pilotage, navigation, seamanship, weather forecasting, victualling, engine maintenance, sail selection and boat handling up to a standard required to skipper a small cruising yacht by day in familiar tidal waters.

This is the certificate you need should you wish to charter a yacht in the UK or aboard.

If you have previous experience we will help towards achieving some for the elements required for these qualifications during our 14-day Sail Camp adventures.  However, given the nature of Sail Camps, we will not have the opportunity to complete all the required elements in the 14-day programme and an additional skills weekend will need to be booked to complete the certificate.  Please ask out staff for details. 


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Other courses:

Quaystage Training is able to deliver the whole RYA Syllabus as individual courses which are run separately from our Sail Camp Adventure programs.  See our Learn to Sail section for details.