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About our Sail Camps: 

  • Youth programmes available young people aged 13-25yrs
  • Be part of a Flotilia of 2-4 vessels with young people of a simulair age
  • Sail Camps take place in UK, Europe, and Carribean 
  • Sail Camp adventures are either 7 days, 15 days or 21 days 
  • Each vessel has two great and enthusiastic Sail Camp Staff with youth sail training experience 
  • Each vessels carries inflatable canoes and SUPs for exploring
  • Each Sail Camp is a unquie experience, where we learn something new each voyage

Duke of Edinburgh Award
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Quaystage Training is proud to be able to provide both Residential and Expedition elements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.   
Gold Residential:
All our youth programmes and Sail Camps qualify for the Gold Residential elements.   See our Sail Camp programmes for more details. 

Gold Expeditions: 

Do something completely different for your DofE Gold Expedition - hike on the ocean.

Expeditions can also be organised as part of a school or youth group.  We also have places for individuals wishing to join an expedition.  

On this special 9 day voyage, you will learn how to sail, navigate and lead your expedition as Skipper - all while you're taking your vessel on an adventure. 

In addition to your DofE credits, you will may also be able to achieve RYA qualifications.  

Find out more - DofE Expeditions 


RYA Training Certification 

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Quaystage Training is a recognised RYA Training Centre. 


As a result, we are able to offer the delivery of RYA Certificates as part of our Summer Sail Camp programmes.  Follow the link below to find out more. 

RYA Training on Sail Camps 


      Where do we go on Sail Camp?

      You can search courses by the destinations we sail, such as:

      • South Coast and Northern Europe 
      • North West Scotland
      • Caribbean 
      • Greek Islands 

      * Activities listed as part of our Youth Adventure Sail Camp programmes are subject to destination and availability

      Still unsure of which programme suits you see our full list of courses for 2022

      Our Course List and destinations for 2022


      Up and Down Two Divers




      Dive Camp is an action-packed adventure that we

      offer on selected Sail Camp Adventures.

      Keep a look-out for the logo with the goggles or

      contact us directly for options!



      Find out more  


      Want to sail as a family group?

      Experience all the thrills and excitement of sail camp and learn to sail with your family - get out the house and spend some time together outside in 2022. 

      Family Sail Camps - find out more... 

      A Sail Camp adventure with Quaystage Training


      An adventure under sail to last a lifetime!

      What are you going to do this Summer? 

      Are you looking for a different type of adventure?


      Join our Teen and Youth Adventure Summer Camps for an exciting adventure under sail?

      If you are aged between 13-25, we have just the right summer Sail Camp programme for you!

      7 Day "Pioneer" Sail Camp - UK South Coast based programmes for 13-17yrs

      14 Day "Buccaneer" Sail Camp - UK and Norther Europe programmes for 15-18yrs

      14 or 21 Day "Explorer" Sail Camp - Worldwide programmes for 16-21yrs

      On Sail Camp ......

      • Learn about marine biology!
      • Explore your environment and help to protect it!
      • Get a head start on your future and enhance your CV!
      • Have an experience you will never forget!
      • Meet friends that last a life time.

      .... Explore by Land & Sea

      Your Sail Camps will combine sailing and adventure with expeditions both offshore and onshore. 


        At sea you will be part of the crew on board the boat, getting involved in every aspect of sailing the vessel itself.


        • Learn how to sail and navigate!

        • Set sails, keep watch and steer the boat!
        • Explore the marine wildlife… you will be amazed what you can find out there!
        • Learn new skills that could lead to RYA (sailing) or PADI (diving) qualifications!
        • Work together in a team and make friends that will last a lifetime!


        Onshore there will be plenty of time to explore the places you have sailed to and have a great time with your new friends.


        • Go canoeing or paddle boarding*
        • Go snorkeling or diving!
        • Have beach BBQs!
        • Experience living geography and investigate fragile eco-systems!
        • Try out new activities!
        • Explore new places - perhaps even new cultures and new countries – and engage with the local community*!
        • Create memories that you will never forget!

        Learn about yourself and discover new talents

        During a Quaystage Teen and Youth Summer Camp Adventure you will gain in confidence,  learn about yourself, develop team and leadership skills, grow in social awareness and learn about environmental awareness. 


        Science@Sea is included in all our summer Sail Camp programmes.  It aims to introduce elements of marine science and stimulate awareness of the importance of marine biodiversity and echo systems to climate change and human settlement.

        No sailing or diving experience necessary!