RYA Shorebased Courses


RYA Shorebased Courses

Quaystage Training's Shorebased Theory courses are taught in our classrooms near Southampton Airport and London and also in schools we work with around the country.

We run a variety of 1 day and 5 day shorebased courses. Some of the 5 day courses (as with our practical courses too) may be taken over 3 weekends if that fits your schedule better. We follow the RYA syllabus for all of our courses and award RYA certificates as appropriate.


Learn about navigation, first aid, engines, and using a radio


RYA Theory Courses teach navigation from beginner courses to more advanced Yachtmaster level. The courses cover tide calculations, tidal streams, course to steer, estimated positions and use of GPS navigation systems.

The one day specialist courses teach useful and essential background knowledge and skills.

You can see the complete list of shorebased courses below.

You can also follow these links to more detailed information on each of the courses: