Terms & Conditions

Quaystage Trainling Ltd Conditions of Booking

1. Booking Conditions: No Booking will be final until the booking form has been completed and received by Quaystage Training Ltd, with payment in full or a 30% deposit, and availability of the course has been confirmed in writing by Quaystage Training Ltd. Provisional bookings will be held for a maximum of 48 hours.  All bookings are bound by the acceptance of these terms and conditions at time of any payment being made.  The term “Client” refers to the person pay the for the programme and making the contract with Quaystage Training.  The participant is the student, child, young person or person engaged on the programme. 

2. Payment of Voyage and Event Fees: The payment structure will be determined with the client once booking confirmation has been received. The final payment of any outstanding amount for the voyage or event fee must be paid within eight weeks of the commencement date of the voyage or event. In the event of the final payment arriving late, Quaystage Training Ltd reserves the right to add a late payment fee of GBP 100.00 to the balance owed or cancel the booking to accept a booking from the standby list. In this case, all payments except the initial deposit will be refunded.  Applications are accepted within the eight-week period prior to the commencement of a voyage or event, where space is available. In this case, full payment is required upon booking.  

3. Cancellation: In the event of cancellation by the customers more than eight weeks before the commencement date of the voyage or event, any amounts paid, except the initial deposit, will be refunded. No amounts will be refunded in the event of the cancellation fewer than eight weeks before the commencement date of the voyage or event.
Except for irregularities in public transport (especially flights), a participant’s failure to arrive on the designated programme’s start date and time will be considered a cancellation unless previously approved by Quaystage Training Ltd.


4. Amendments to Booking: Any alterations to a booking must be made to the Quaystage main office and confirmed in writing. If acceptable by the office, it will be actioned once written confirmation has been received. An administration charge of £15 may be charged for any changes to the original booking. Date changes will only be accepted if a written request is received by the Quaystage office more than six weeks prior to the commencement of the voyage or event, and the requested dates of voyage or event are available. Within six weeks of the commencement date of the voyage or event, any change will be considered a cancellation of the dates and cancellation charges will apply.


5. Safety: Sailing and diving are dangerous sports. In the interest of safety, Quaystage Training Ltd representatives have complete discretion over boating activities, taking into account weather conditions and their assessment of the participant’s ability. It is understood and agreed that any programme’s route and itinerary, facilities, personnel, or activities may be changed at Quaystage Training Ltd’s sole discretion, without prior notice to parents/participants or any legal obligation by Quaystage Training Ltd.


6. Insurance: All Quaystage Training Ltd staff are insured against accident and third-party liability. The Quaystage Training Ltd insurance does not cover any personal insurance for anyone taking part in a voyage or event. Quaystage Training Ltd does not offer any personal insurance against injury, accident or loss while participating in a voyage or event. Personal insurance is the responsibility of the client. Quaystage Training Ltd accepts no responsibility for any injury, accident, damage, or loss of the client’s property or person.


7. Client Insurance: It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the participants have adequate insurance in place to cover the activities and travel costs associated with our courses. As sailing and diving are considered dangerous sports, you must ensure you have insurance that covers you for these activities. Proof of adequate insurance being in place must be provided prior to embarkation. Participants will be refused a berth if adequate insurance is not in place. Quaystage Training Ltd is a proposer for Topsail Insurance products.


8. Liability: All persons participating in a Quaystage Training Ltd voyage, event or water-based activity must be able to swim 50 metres and keep their head above the surface level for 15 minutes. Wearing a life jacket/buoyancy aid is mandatory at all times unless advised otherwise by a lead Quaystage staff member on location. Quaystage Training Ltd does not accept liability for personal injury to, or the death of, any participant, however caused, nor for any loss or damage resulting therefrom, unless caused by the proven negligence of Quaystage Training Ltd. Quaystage Training Ltd does not accept responsibility for any property accompanying any participant. Personal safety and personal property are the responsibility of each participant; all of the above must be covered by the insurance of the participants directly. Quaystage Training Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any curtailment or cancellation due to weather, strikes, riots, wars or any other causes outside the control of the company.


9. Variations of Conditions: No variations of the conditions of booking, or otherwise in the terms of which a voyage or event is booked, and no promise to refund any amounts paid to Quaystage Training Ltd shall be valid, unless in writing and signed by one of the directors of Quaystage Training Ltd.


10. Alterations: All details on the company’s website and in the literature supplied by Quaystage Training Ltd is given in good faith, but we reserve the right to provide alternative comparable arrangements, if, for any reason, we decide such alterations are necessary. In the unlikely event of a yacht not being available because of damage, Quaystage Training Ltd reserves the right to substitute a similar boat, rearrange dates or cancel.  If any programme is cancelled before commencement for any other reason that makes the programme financially or operationally unfeasible, including but not limited to low enrolment, staffing difficulties, unanticipated vendor price increases (such as for vessel charters, hotels, or activities), or significant exchange rate shifts, Quaystage Training Ltd will make reasonable efforts to accommodate participants on another Quaystage Training Ltd programme during the same summer or refund monies paid directly to Quaystage Training Ltd. Quaystage Training Ltd are not responsible for cost accrued by the client in association with attendance of the voyage or event. If any programme is cancelled before commencement due to an act or event arising out of, or caused directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond Quaystage Training Ltd’s reasonable control, including but not limited to a natural disaster, war, terrorism, fire, civil, military, or political unrest; local or global health crisis (including but not limited to a pandemic such as COVID-19); government action; and/or any other act or event that is beyond Quaystage Training Ltd’s reasonable control, Quaystage Training Ltd will make reasonable efforts to accommodate participants on another Quaystage Training Ltd programme during the same summer. If that is not feasible, Quaystage Training Ltd is unable to issue any refunds for cancellations due to an act or event set forth in this paragraph; however, Quaystage Training Ltd will issue a voucher equalling the amount paid directly to Quaystage Training Ltd for use on another Quaystage Training Ltd programme for the following summer. 

Please understand that Quaystage Training Ltd incurs most of its costs and expenses to prepare and operate a programme before the start date. Therefore, if a programme is cancelled after commencement but before the scheduled last day for any reason, including but not limited to a government order or a decision by Quaystage Training Ltd that doing so is in the best interests of the participants and staff, no refund of deposits or tuition is possible. Where feasible, Quaystage Training Ltd will make reasonable efforts to place the participant in another ongoing trip or issue a voucher in an amount to be solely determined by Quaystage Training Ltd (based upon various factors including Quaystage Training Ltd’s unrecoverable costs and expenses associated with operating the programme before cancellation) to be used on another Quaystage Training Ltd programme for the following summer.


11. Medical Authorisation & Expense: Participant and/or Parent authorise Quaystage Training Ltd staff or other medical personnel to obtain or provide medical or other health care for the participant, to transport the participant to a medical facility, and/or to provide treatment they consider necessary for the participant's health. The participant and/or their parent agree to the release (to or by Quaystage Training Ltd) of any records necessary for treatment, referral, billing, or insurance purposes. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact a parent or emergency contact if a medical emergency or serious illness occurs. The cost of all health care services provided to the participant, and any costs incurred by Quaystage Training Ltd staff while accompanying the participant in the event of illness or injury, including lodging, transportation and costs related to re-joining the group, shall be the sole responsibility of the participant and/or parent. All fees incurred to meet COVID-19 mitigation protocols or other orders established by a destination country (including but not limited to travel authorization, insurance, testing, tracking, tracing, and quarantine or vaccination) shall be the sole responsibility of the participant and/or parent, regardless of whether those fees are incurred before or during the programme.


12. Image Rights: Quaystage Training Ltd is entitled to use photographs and other depictions of the participants and their activities within the framework of the voyage contract and these terms and conditions for advertising, documentation purposes and all other types of use, as well as edit and reproduce the footage obtained. The publishing platforms include all current and future media. By accepting these terms and conditions, the participant (or their legal guardians) express their consent to this. If there is an important reason, the participant can request to refrain from using a specific image. The above also applies after the termination of the voyage contract. No financial or any other form of compensation can be demanded for this.


13. Suggestions for Improvements or Complaints: Quaystage Training Ltd aims to provide the best voyages, events, and service. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have enjoyed your experience on the water. Suggestions for improvement help us understand your view of how a voyage or event was implemented and help us improve. We ask every participant to fill in a feedback form at the end of a voyage or event for that purpose. Letters and e-mails are also welcome (including letters of praise! 😊). If you should have a problem or complaint, it is important and in your own interest to tell our representatives, so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter on the spot to the best of our abilities and all reasonable expectations during the duration of the voyage or event. If the problem cannot be resolved there and then, please notify us in writing as soon as possible. Because of the difficulties of investigating a complaint too long after the event, we will not consider any complaint unless notified to us in writing within 21 days of the end of the voyage or event. We respectfully ask for an appropriate period of up to 30 days to allow any investigations owing to a written complaint to be undertaken. Disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract, which cannot be amicably settled, may be referred to arbitration, if the participant so wishes, under a special scheme that is administered independently by the Chartered Institute of Accountants.


14. Covid-19 and other pandemic policy: In all courses and events are undertaken, Quaystage Training Ltd considers the health and safety of their participants and staff the utmost priority. Measures to reduce the risk to the health and safety of everyone onboard one of our courses or events during the Covid-19 pandemic are stated in our onboard Covid policy and risk statement, which has been made available to all participants or their legal guardians. By joining the course or event, all participants and their legal guardians acknowledge that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this onboard Covid policy. Quaystage Training Ltd reserves the right to make changes to these policies at short notice without prior consultation to meet the best interest of all on board. 


15. Breach of code of conduct leading to Dismissal: The Directors of Quaystage Training reserve the right to dismiss any Student who is: A) in breach of (or associated with those in breach of) any agreement as set forth in the student code of conduct agreement or B)  anyone who is, in the Director’s judgment, detrimental to the program.


16. Terms relating to Dismissal or early removal of student from programme:  In any dismissal case, or in the event of a withdrawal from the programme by a parent or guardian for any reason at their decision prior to or during a programme, it is understood that all fees, including tuition and deposits, are non-­‐refundable. Also, it should be understood that the costs of any additional travel, housing and flights that are incurred for both the departing Student and staff chaperone (when required) are the sole responsibility of the parents.


17. Contact with partents (or designee authorised to make decisions): In the unlikely event of a medical emergency or dismissal, parents (or designee authorised to make decisions) must remain contactable at all times throughout the programme and hereby agree to be available to coordinate the return of their child (the participant) on the same day as receiving a call from a Quaystage Training Ltd representive. 


18. Cosumption of Alchol, recreational drugs and Smoking: On all Quaystage Training programmes the Drugs and Alchol Policy refers that the comsumptional of drugs for recreactional use is strictly prohited.  The use or posseion of which will result in instanr dismissal of the particpiant from the programme.  On Quaystage Training programmes for the age group 13-17 smoking and the comsumption of alchol are also prohibited and form a dismissable action by the participant.  On programmes provided to 18-24+ smoking is tolerated, but not allowed below decks, in accomodation or in areas where particpants congreate for training, food, or associated programme activities or genenal relaxing. The comsumption of Alchol is permiteed on 18+ programmes but only at the discretion of the Lead Staff Memeber on the programme and to the levels associated with the safety of the particpant and fellow particpants.  This is decreed with in the Quaystage Drugs and Alchol policy as being the UK legal Drink/Drive limit.  Quaystage Training maintain the right for the lead memeber of staff to test any particpant using a test kit if the particpant is suspected to be in breach of these terms. 


16. Supervision of Participants: On Quaystage Training programmes participants will be supervised on all occasions that is deemed practicable to do so.  There may however be an activity such as Shore leave or during whilst making use of the marina facilities that this is not always achievable. All parents and participants of our programmes should be aware that on such occasions wher line of sight supervision is not being undertaken there will always be a Duty Member of staff who location will be made know to the participants this being on the vessel, with the marina complex, or at an agreed location ashore.  Shore leave is granted as the discretion of the Lead Staff member and will always be taken as groups not less than three participants.  A briefing will be conducted on each occasion that shore leave is granted establishing a curfew and the parameters which apply to shore leave being granted.


17. Use of Mobile Phones during Programme: On youth programmes (13-17) each participant will be required upon embarkation of a course to call their parents/guardians to inform them of their safe arrival. Upon completion of this call the phone along with other digital devices including but not limited to Smart Pad and Ipads must be handed to the responsible Quaystage Staff member who will take care of the devise until the end of the programme upon which it will be returned to the participants.  Participants will be allowed to make use of their mobile phones during the duration of the programme at the discretion of the Quaystage staff.  This is to include periods of shore leave and dedicated “phone time”.  Outside of these periods the use of mobile phones or other such devices is not permitted to facilitate the participants social integration and full participation in the programme. If found in breach of these terms the participant could be removed from the programme. For programmes Adult (18-24+) the use of mobile phones must be kept to a minimum use and not during any training evolution or activity and it the right of the Quaystage lead staff member of a programme in instigate this policy if the this is breached. 


Covid 19 - Policy Statement - Please read before booking


At this time, Covid remains in the forefront of our minds in everyday life.  At Quaystage Training Sail Camps, we are looking to provide residential expedition voyages and Sail Camps for teenagers, young adults and family groups for the summer 2023 that meet the current goverment and IMO health advise in all the countries we operate in, with the view of providing a safe training environment.

Quaystage will make assessments on the execution of its programmes based on RYA and BMI guidelines and government advice. Quaystage Training reserves the right to cancel voyages at short notice, owing to its interpretation of these guidelines and the ability to deliver a safe programme. In this event, full refund will be issued.

Our aim in 2023 is to provide sailing programmes which will enable young people to get outside and socialise with each other, as well as families to enjoy each others company in the outdoors on our Family Camps. We endeavour to provide the best experience possible to the young people and adults we take to sea with us, but  reserve the right to make changes to the advertised activities and programme itineraries owing to health concerns, and reserve the right to apply a surcharge for activities for which associated costs spiral.  These decisions will be made on grounds of safety and economic consdierations for both individuals and the overall reputation of Quaystage Training Limited.

If you make a booking and the course does not go ahead owing to Covid conditions/restrictions' we will provide a full refund. We recommend that you or the person you have made a booking for are covered by your own travel insurance for cancelation of the trip, in the event that you or the participant is not attending owing to Covid symptoms.

Please feel free to contact us and find out how we are keeping courses and their participants safe. In the meantime, as valued customers and friends, please stay safe.

Participant Code of Conduct

On a boat, many different people come together for a shared adventure, and live together in a very confined space. All of us are responsible for creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusiveness. To ensure that this journey is a great experience for everyone on board, Quaystage Training is operating by a set of rules and values that we describe below. As part of the Quaystage family, you will be required to act by them as well.


The safety of the crew (that is you and the other participants as well as the QT staff) is the highest priority in any form of decision making, both at sea and on land. You will be expected to obey and undertake any safety instruction given by our staff.


We promote a healthy, sustainable, and fair way of living. We take responsibility for our own actions and consider the well-being of others, minimising our negative impact on other people, the vessel and the environment. We are one team!


Being one team on a vessel and flotilla is key to successful voyage outcomes. We will foster a tight-knit community of acceptance of all our peers onboard. We treat others respectfully at all times, and accept them as equals, regardless of formal hierarchy, merit, personal issues or perceived flaws. We won’t accept any form of discrimination against gender, nationality, race, culture, sexual orientation etc. (This includes discriminatory material in music, film or other media.) We will conduct ourselves at all times with awareness to equality and inclusion, and understand that bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

We accept that romantic or sexual relationships are strictly prohibited on a Sail Camp or Quaystage Training programme owing to their damaging and non-inclusive nature, and could result in exclusion from the programme.


Any consumption, abuse or possession of substances such as illegal drugs, alcohol, and any form of nicotine (including E-cigarettes and vapes) at any time whilst participating in a Sail Camp/Quaystage Training programme is strictly prohibited. Any prescription drugs need to be declared to the lead staff member for the trip, and turned in immediately for safe keeping once on the vessel.  We understand that abuse of the Quaystage Drug and Alcohol policy will lead to dismissal from the programme.

(You may notice that a small number of our staff will discreetly smoke a cigarette every so often. While we don’t approve of this lifestyle choice, we do make an exception to this rule for staff members whose work and professionalism we value highly. After all, they are not on holiday, but working 24/7 to ensure you have a good time, and deserve even an unhealthy form of stress relief of their choice every now and then.)


We communicate our thoughts, concerns, expectations and feedback clearly and respectfully. We listen to others and give our opinions in a constructive way. We share our unique knowledge and listen to what we can learn from others – thriving through cooperation rather than competition.


We consciously make the decision to make the most of our time on board and be present for the experience. We take an active part in group activities and avoid distractions.