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Family Sail Camp Adventures

Family  Sailing Adventures and Programmes


Spending valuable time in the great outdoors, learning new skills whilst being together.  

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Family Sail Camp information and dates


Family Camp - 5 Days Saturday 15th August - 19th August 2022 (Southampton to Southampton) 

Cost: £3,450.00 excl VAT   

Note: Price includes Skipper/Instructor, safety equipment and Breaksfast/Light Lunch.  It excludes Mooring fees, fuel and evening meals.  A cook and food can be provided with an additional fee, please discuss at time of booking.



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Talk to us if the date you want to sail are not shown here, and we will see if we can accommodate you and get you on the water.

RYA Family Week

Why not do your RYA courses as a Family.  Please contact us for further information. 

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The Solent & South Coast Adventure 

The Solent is one of our favourite sailing areas, because it has everything to offer us for an exciting week on the water with Sail Camp. Its waters are sheltered from the strongest weather, its bays are welcoming for anchoring, it has a host of great marinas offering different opportunities ashore, and its many inlets and harbours ply host to both marine and coastal wildlife, as well as display their scenic beauty. 

Joining your yachts or as part of the Sail Camp family flotilla in Port Solent, Portsmouth, you will sail to a new destination within the Solent each day. As you do, you will learn the basics  of how to sail and how to navigate your vessel safely to where you will undertake you next exciting land programme activity. 

Land programmes, whilst forming part of the educational or community service aspects of your Sail Camp adventure, are also great fun. This could include coasting whilst learning about geology and ashore drift, rock pooling and learning about aquatic animals, it could be conducting science experiments to investigate the affects of micro plastics, or it could include a beach clean to help the environment. 

The land programme could even involve one of our famous beach BBQ's as you camp out under the stars, after canoeing, or paddle boarding in one of the Solent's many creeks. If weather permits, you might even break out of the Solent and head along the Jurassic Coast towards Poole and Weymouth.  

A Solent Family Sail Camp can be taken over 5 days, 7 days or 14 days.  

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Explore, Sail, Discover..... 

Join one of our Sail Camp yachts as a family group and escape the confines of the house and Covid19 restrictions. 

Sail in a family group,  and experience a sail camp adventure together.   Spend time together on board one of our yachts or as a own flotilla. 

You can undertake RYA Training learning to Sail, learn about the marine environment, about the oceans and seas that cover two thirds of our planet,  maybe undertake environmental projects or just enjoy some family time in the great outdoors and have some valuable bonding time together out of the house and out of lock down. 

To comply with Covid-19 protocols each vessel will be no for than three households groups. 

Our skippers and mates will act as your instructors and guides to help you get the most our of your Holiday adventure.   As you take time out from the fast momentum and relentless pace of 21st Century life and practise family values, or just even seeing and spending time with each other that may sometimes hard to come by.  

A family sail camp can accommodate a family group of up to 8 people or you could come as a larger family group and form your own flotilla. 


Family Camp

Quaystage Family Fun - Make some memories this summer!

Are you looking for a unique opportunity this summer to spend some quality time with your son or daughter and make memories together that both of you will never forget?
Join us on a three day mini-adventure for parents and children this August!
We will be sailing on comfortable yachts together with two or three other parent-child pairs, and exploring the waters around Southampton and the Isle of Wight. These sheltered waters are ideal to test your sea legs and to ease even young children into the sailing life. Our professional skippers will teach you everything you need to know, and in no time, you and your little (or not so little) sailing buddy will be pulling the ropes together and steering your yacht towards your next destination.
In between sails, there will be plenty of time to get out our fleet of inflatable canoes and paddle boards, go for a swim, or learn about the ocean and all the amazing creatures we share this habitate with. Our sailing crew will provide an educational and hands-on programme of different activities and ocean science lessons for the young ones on board - parents are welcome to join the fun or lean back and relax after a hard day's work of sailing. :)
Children are welcome on board from the age of 6 for as long as they are happy to share a cabin with their parent. (Cabin arrangements where two adults and two children share a cabin are possible, if everyone is happy with it. Please approach us about this when booking.)
Please be aware that parents are responsible for their children!