Fast-track Courses at Quaystage Training 

Become a Maritime Professional 

If your looking to seek a professional career in the Marine industry, gaing valuable qualifctions as soon as you can is an important step.  Fast-track courses are a good way to achieve these courses and can be used as intense career development to gain qualifications required to make your first step or as part of a Gap Year Experience. 


Fast-track courses

Quaystage Training's Fast-track Sailing and Diving courses offer a comprehensive training programme for those wishing to increase their skills or perhaps seek a career in the Marine Leisure Industry. Quaystage Training is unique in that we are able to offer a combined course across the two disciplines of sailing and diving.

Professional Qualifications for a career in the leisure industry

Students making a career change

Gap year students wanting water sports qualifications to travel the world with

People who want 'Time Out' to experience a different way of life