Become a Sponsoring Company

Become a Sponsoring Company


Our conferences are supported by regional and national graduate recruiters and/or apprentice scheme providers who will be able to supply, in return for their sponsorship, a Keynote Speaker and a current graduate/apprentice who will act as a team adviser to teams at the conference. The team advisor will be responsible for guiding participants at the conference through a number of business skill-based tasks which are designed to develop the skill focussed on in the keynote speech,  e.g. project management and planning or presentation skills.  

For the apprentice/graduate that acts as team adviser the benefits are numerous, including the opportunity to gain experience leading and advising a team,  learning how to manage a project and develop business skills.


Promote your company


In addition to the benefit to the employee (which for many companies is used as an award) the employing company has a chance to promote their own work based schemes/graduate programmes to keen, interested young people who have taken an interest in their own development by attending a conference. Each company will have an opportunity to talk to young people during a market place  session in the evening of day 2 of the conference.


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At Quaystage Training we are proud to work with young people at the key stages of their developmental years. We offer: 

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